How To Fix Starfield Outpost Landing Pad Not Working or Missing Bug

One after another players are unfolding quests bug and game mechanics error while they explore the game. The latest issues revolve around the Starfield outpost landing pad not working or missing for some reason.

Players can’t land with or without a shipbuilder even building a large landing port doesn’t resolve the issue. When a player decides to land on a newly built landing pad the ship strangely lands on its previous spot, regardless of a functioning landing pad nearby. The second most bizarre bug is the outpost landing port missing at all.

If you are also dealing with Starfield outpost landing pad not working or missing then here we have gathered tested workarounds that will help you during your quest.

Why is My Starfield Outpost Landing Pad Not Working?

Your Starfield Outpost Landing Pad may not be functioning correctly for several reasons. Here are some common causes:

  1. Landing Pad Not Built: Ensure that you have actually built a landing pad at your outpost. If it’s not there, your ship won’t have a place to land.
  2. Inadequate Size: Starfield offers two types of landing pads – small and large. Small pads can only accommodate smaller ships, while large ones are for larger vessels. If your ship is too big for the landing pad you’ve built, it won’t be able to land.
  3. Obstructions: Make sure there are no objects or structures obstructing the landing pad. It should have enough clear space for your ship to safely touch down.
  4. Damage: Check the condition of the landing pad; if it’s damaged, it might not be able to support your ship’s weight.
  5. Game Bug: Occasionally, there might be a bug in the game causing the landing pad to malfunction. If you’ve ruled out the above issues, this could be the cause.

How To Fix Starfield Outpost Landing Pad Not Working or Missing Bug

1. Take Off and then Land on Planet

If you’re encountering issues with fast travel in the game, some players have found success by following this workaround:

  1. Take off from the planet you’re currently on.
  2. Instead of trying to fast travel directly to the outpost landing pad while on the planet, use the Star Map.
  3. Select your outpost from the Star Map.
  4. If the landing zone at the outpost is large enough, your spaceship should land there.

2. Upgrade your Landing Port

To address the Starfield Outpost Landing Pad Not Working or Missing Bug, follow these steps:

  1. Check Landing Pad Size: First, determine the size of the landing pad at the outpost. Small landing pads typically accommodate ships under 20 meters in length.
  2. Modify Ship Size: If your ship exceeds this size limit, consider making modifications to reduce its size. This adjustment may involve removing certain components or using a smaller ship.
  3. Attempt Fast Travel: Once your ship fits within the landing pad’s size limit, attempt fast travel to the outpost. Your ship should now be compatible with the landing pad, and the bug should be resolved.
  4. Upgrade to Larger Landing Pad: If needed, you can later upgrade to a larger landing pad, allowing you to use larger ships without encountering any issues during fast travel.

3. Build a Landing Pad on Land You Own

If you’re encountering problems with the Starfield outpost’s landing pad, here’s a potential solution:

  1. Check Landing Pad Placement: Pay close attention to the placement of your landing pad within the outpost’s build circle.
  2. Avoid Red Squares: If you notice a small red square section inside your outpost circle, it indicates an area that you may not have full ownership or control over. Landing pads placed in such areas can lead to issues.
  3. Reposition the Landing Pad: To resolve the problem, move your landing pad to a different location within the outpost’s build circle. Ensure that the entire landing pad is situated within an area that you own.
  4. Test Landing: After repositioning the landing pad, try landing your ship again. It should now land without any problems or conflicts with other created landing icons on top of your outpost.

4. Switch To Old Ship

To address this particular issue in the game, players can follow these steps:

  1. Go to the terminal within the game interface.
  2. From the terminal, select the option to switch to “another ship.”
  3. Choose the “home ship” temporarily, even if you don’t intend to use it right away.
  4. After selecting the “home ship,” go back to the terminal and switch to the ship that you want to use for your current gameplay.

5. Fix Landing Port Disappearance

Follow these steps to do so:

  • In the planet view, hover over the base icon.
  • Multiple landing locations may appear within a certain radius.
  • Select the outpost landing pad by hovering over it and pressing the designated button (e.g., “X” on Xbox) to set it as the landing location.
  • This may trigger the landing option, allowing you to land on the pad.

6. Demolish All Landing Pads

To address the problem, try this solution:

  1. Remove all existing landing pads nearby.
  2. Build a new landing pad in a flat and safe area where your ship can land without any issues.

7. Build a Large Landing Pad

To fix Landing pad missing or not showing up in Starfield try the following solution:

  1. Build a Large landing pad, which allows you to modify and upgrade your ship.
  2. When you spawn at your beacon, position your landing pad control panel nearby for quick access.
  3. Access the control panel and select the option to edit your ship. Choose a section of the ship and make a slight color change, just one notch different in the color scale (to avoid noticeable changes).
  4. Save the edit.

After exiting the control panel screen, your ship should be located on the landing pad, resolving the issue.