How To Fix Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug (In Memoriam Quest Bug)

While completing the In Memoriam quest when you are about to collect Genetags, Sarah Morgan stops following you. The Sarah Morgan dialogue bug is causing dialogue errors, quest failures, or game crashes.

Apart from the Sarah Morgan bug, there is another issue while completing the In Memoriam quest. It’s the Starfield freezing or crashing when starting a conversation with her.

If you are also dealing with Starfield Sarah Morgan Bug then here we have explained workarounds to get past this bug.

Possible Reasons For Sarah Morgan Bug In Starfield

The Sarah Morgan bug is a problem in the game Starfield. It messes up how you talk to a character named Sarah Morgan, who can be your friend and maybe even more in the game.

Here’s why the bug happens:

  1. If you say mean or tough things to Sarah when you talk to her, the bug might show up. It’s like the game doesn’t know how to handle those choices.
  2. If you try to persuade her to do something and you’re not very good at it, the bug might happen. It seems like the game has trouble with these persuasion parts.
  3. If you’re not liked by the UC Science Division in the game, you might get the bug. This means that if you have a bad reputation with a group in the game, it can mess things up with Sarah.
  4. If you already have a friend in the game, the bug might pop up. This is because the game might not know how to handle having more than one friend with you.
  5. The bug makes Sarah mad and not want to be your friend anymore. It also makes it hard to talk to her later in the game and might mess up other things related to her.

How to Fix Sarah Morgan Bug in Starfield

After researching forums we have listed down fixes that resolve the Sarah Morgan Bug in Starfield.

This solution has worked for most players. It involves unassigning Sarah Morgan from any ship or outpost. Then find her back again in the Lodge in New Atlantis, Jemison (Alpha Centauri System).

Initiate conversation and convince her to follow you to the right location in the In Memoriam Quest.

Additionally, before you board Sarah to her brother’s ship, finish all your conversation.