How To Fix Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working/Can’t Hide Contraband Issue

Does Starfield shield cargo not work even though you have contraband, sensor scramblers, and shielded cargo? Selling contraband can give you more in-game credits but there are also chances of getting caught.

Shielded cargo is an important storage place inside your ship however for many players Starfield shielded cargo not working. When you approach any planet or major city, your ship is thoroughly scanned. If this scan detects any illegal items, the authorities will come after you. It’s essential to avoid getting caught with contraband because the consequences can be severe.

In this guide, we have explained workarounds to help you fix the Starfield shielded cargo not working issue.

What Is Shielded Cargo In Starfield?

In Starfield, shielded cargo is a valuable feature that allows you to transport illegal contraband without being detected by scanners.

Contraband items can be acquired through illicit means such as theft, robbery, or completing illegal tasks in the game.

When you approach a planet’s atmosphere or land at a spaceport, carrying illegal materials in your ship’s cargo hold can result in penalties.

Having shielded cargo is advantageous because it conceals your illegal items from the scanning systems.

There are two ways to obtain shielded cargo in Starfield:

  1. You can purchase a shielded cargo hold from Lon Anderssen, a dealer located at the Red Mile, a casino on Porrima III. You can choose the shielded cargo that suits your needs and install it on your ship. Alternatively, you can access the cargo-shielded option in his ship-building menu.
  2. Another option is to find and install a scan jammer device on your ship. This device disrupts the scanning process when you dock at a spaceport or enter a planet’s atmosphere. Keep in mind that scan jammers can be rare and expensive, and they may not work with all types of scanners.

Having shielded cargo in Starfield can be highly advantageous. It allows you to sell illegal goods to questionable traders or factions, increasing your profit margins. You can also engage with the game’s criminal underworld and complete tasks that involve smuggling. Additionally, having shielded cargo can help you evade space pirates who might attempt to steal your valuable cargo if they discover valuable items onboard.

How To Fix Starfield Shielded Cargo Not Working

1. Store Contraband Inside Shielded Cargo

Before your ship undergoes a scan, it’s essential to check your inventory. Ensure that any contraband you’re carrying is placed inside the shielded cargo storage and not in your character’s personal inventory. Be careful not to store it in any other containers on your ship because it can still lead to your detection and capture.

2. Replace the Shielded Cargo

This solution can be effective, especially if you’re dealing with a stolen ship. Sometimes, when you steal a ship that already has shielded cargo, there’s a glitch where you can still get caught with your illegal goods inside it.

To resolve this, replace the stolen ship’s cargo with your own shielded cargo, and this should fix the issue, allowing you to avoid detection and capture.

3. Visit The Wolf System

It’s a helpful workaround for selling illegal items. In the Wolf System, there’s a place called The Den that doesn’t scan your ship. Whether you have contraband in your personal inventory or on your ship, you can enter and exit The Den without the fear of getting arrested. It provides a safe haven for conducting such transactions.