How To Fix Starfield Ship Has Unattached Modules Error

While building or editing your dream ship newcomers may come across ship has unattached modules error in Starfield. This popular RPG game offers a vast expanse of ships players can build or upgrade.

When you are about to finish creating the perfect ship design, you may encounter the confusing “ship has unattached module” warning. Although the shipbuilder menu has all the embedded mechanics for some players it’s overwhelming.

In this guide, we have explained the simple process to fix Starfield ship has unattached modules error.

What Causes Ship Has Unattached Modules Error in Starfield

To understand why you’re seeing the “ship has unattached module” warning, consider the following explanation: This warning appears while you’re in the process of building or customizing a spaceship and conducting a flight check.

It occurs when there is a module on the shipbuilder canvas that hasn’t been properly connected to your ship.

Essentially, it serves as a gameplay feature to ensure that all intended modules are securely attached to your ship before flight.

How to Fix Unattached Modules Error in Starfield

Fortunately, there’s a straightforward solution to tackle this issue. The shipbuilder menu includes a helpful feature that marks all the connected ship modules in red while leaving the disconnected ones unmarked. This serves as a valuable visual indicator and provides information to assist you in resolving the warning. Here’s how to utilize it:

  1. While in the shipbuilder menu, hover over the ship and press ‘LB‘ on the controller or double-click the ship on PC to select the entire ship.
  2. This action will highlight the ship in red, including all the modules that are securely attached. The modules that are not properly connected to the ship will not be highlighted in red.
  3. Now, select the unattached modules and proceed to attach them securely to your ship.
  4. After attaching the modules, conduct a flight check to ensure that your spaceship is prepared for liftoff. If the error persists, repeat the above steps as needed.

By following these steps, you can easily identify and rectify any unattached modules on your ship, ensuring a smooth and error-free flight experience.

Undo All The Changes in Shipbuilder Menu

If you’re still unable to locate the modules causing the issue, you have the option to backtrack and undo all the changes made in the game. This allows you to start the ship-building process from scratch, ensuring that all modules are correctly attached and eliminating any potential issues.

Exit the Builder Menu

For some players, the survey scan wouldn’t identify which module was missing. Xbox Series X players have complained about this problem where they can’t scan their ships. The only solution is to exit builders and redo it the same. You will have no problem the second time.