Fixed: Starfield Unable To Launch On Nvidia GPUs Issue

Players reported that “Starfield unable to launch on NVIDIA GPUs Error” ultimately encountered an infamous GPU that does not meet minimal requirements error.

Players having 3070 on Garuda (Arch-based) Linux, RTX 4080/3080, GTX 1080, etc. have the latest graphics card fulfilling requirements to play Starfield. When they try to launch the game it won’t start or crash with a blank screen.

If you are also dealing with this issue then here we have explained simple solutions to fix Starfield’s unable to launch on NVIDIA GPUs issue.

Why Starfield is unable to launch on NVIDIA GPUs

If you’re encountering the “Starfield unable to launch on Nvidia GPUs” issue, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Playing Bethesda’s latest game on Linux, especially with certain graphics drivers, can be quite challenging. This problem particularly affects players using both old and new Nvidia graphics drivers.

Some players managed to play the game using the Proton version, but there are still Windows players facing issues. Even with up-to-date graphics drivers, they encounter the “GPU does not meet minimal requirements” error.

How To Fix Starfield Unable To Launch On Nvidia GPUs Issue

1. Downgrade your GPU drivers

To fix the issue of Starfield not launching on Nvidia GPUs, you can follow these steps:

  1. Downgrade your Nvidia drivers to version rev530.41.03 dkms, and use the Frogging Family patch.
  2. In the Steam launcher, go to your Library, right-click on Starfield, and select Properties.
  3. In the General tab, set the Proton option to Experimental.
  4. In the launch options, paste the following command:
    • VKD3D_SHADER_MODEL=6_6 %command%
  5. Launch Starfield by running its executable file (.exe) directly.

These steps should help resolve the issue and allow you to play Starfield on your Nvidia GPU.

Restart Starfield

To fix the GPU does not meet minimal requirements error that frequently crashes or lags the game making it unable to launch using Nvidia GPUs. Try restarting the game a couple of times. It may sound silly but many players have reported that it fixes the issue.

Fix For RTX 2080 Users Nvidia Graphics Card Error

Follow this simplified solution to fix Starfield unable to launch on NVIDIA GPUs issue for your system:

  1. Go to this folder on your computer: C:\Users[Your Windows User Name]\AppData\Local\Starfield
  2. In that folder, find a file called “Pipeline.cache” and delete it.
  3. Next, revert to an older version of your Nvidia graphics drivers, specifically version 536.67, instead of using the latest ones.
  4. After doing this, launch your Starfield game again. It will start creating new shaders. This should help prevent crashes in the game.