Find Starfield Weapon Workbench Locations – Where & How To Add Workbenches To Ships

Looking for Weapon Workbench Locations to upgrade ship & weapon. If you’re embarking on a thrilling journey of the Starfield universe, you’re bound to encounter your fair share of challenges. Whether it’s facing off against menacing pirates or confronting ferocious Terrormorphs, survival depends on your ability to adapt and upgrade.

One crucial aspect of this is enhancing your weaponry and spacesuit, and it all begins with finding the weapon workbench locations in Starfield.

In this guide, we’ll explain how you can find Starfield Weapon Workbench locations so that you can customize and upgrade your ship’s interior. We have also explained where and how to add Weapon Workbench in the ship once you find it.

Where Are The Weapon Workbench Locations in Starfield

Here are some of the locations where you can find weapon workbenches spread across planets.

Find Weapon Workbench on New Atlantis

On the planet New Atlantis, there are important places where you can find weapon workbenches:

  1. The Lodge – Basement: You can discover one of these workbenches in the basement of The Lodge. To get there, you’ll need to finish a mission called “One Small Step.” After you complete this mission, you’ll be allowed to go into The Lodge’s basement, where you’ll find the workbench.
  2. New Atlantis Residential District: There’s another workbench located in the Residential District of New Atlantis. When you visit this area, take a look behind the main counter, and you’ll spot a workbench that’s available for public use.

Weapon Workbench in Akila City

In the bustling city of Akila, you can discover two important places where you’ll find weapon workbenches:

  1. Rowland Arms: Your first stop is the Rowland Arms weapons shop, conveniently located near the front entrance of the city. Once you step inside this shop, you’ll come across a workbench that’s at your disposal for upgrading your weapons and gear.
  2. Laredo Firearms: For your second option, head to the back of Akila City, where you’ll encounter the Laredo Firearms shop. Here, tucked away in the shop, you’ll find another workbench. Having two workbenches in Akila provides you with flexibility and choices as you navigate this bustling and vibrant planet.

Weapon Workbench in Neon

In the neon-lit city on the wild frontier planet, Neon, you’ll come across a single workbench that can be found inside the Neon Tactical weapon store.

Visit Multiple Shops

Beyond the bustling major cities, keep in mind that smaller weapon shops scattered across different planets and moons often hide valuable workbenches.

When you venture into these remote settlements and take a moment to explore the local stores, you might just stumble upon additional workbenches.

These hidden gems can be crucial for enhancing your weapons and equipment, so make sure to stop by and investigate these out-of-the-way shops during your interstellar adventures in Starfield.

Become A Part of The Constellation Faction

If you choose to join the Constellation faction in Starfield, you’ll get a cool benefit. When you create your own settlement as part of this faction, it automatically includes a workbench that you can put together on your own.

This means that as you make your settlements bigger and expand them, you’ll be able to make weapons wherever you are in the vast universe of Starfield.

Where Can You Add Weapon Workbenches To Ships

If you’re looking to upgrade and customize your ship in Starfield, you’ll want to seek out Ship Services Techs.

These skilled technicians can be found at every spaceport or station, and they’re usually easy to spot thanks to their distinct uniforms.

Space stations, with their relatively confined rooms, are especially good places to find these technicians.

How To Add Weapon Workbenches To Ships in Starfield

Follow these steps to add

Step 1: Find a Technician at a spaceport or station. They typically wear distinct uniforms.

Step 2: Talk to the Technician and select the dialogue option that says, “I’d like to view and modify my ships.”

Step 3: After selecting the dialogue option, you’ll enter the hip menu.

Step 4: Within the ship menu, navigate to the Ship Builder menu.

Step 5: In the Ship Builder menu, you can select various modules for your ship, including the Habitat module that features a workbench.

Step 6: Add or Attach Habitat Module: Here, you have two choices:

  • a. To add a new Habitat module, click the “Add” button.
  • b. To attach a Habitat module to an existing one on your ship, follow the appropriate prompts.

Step 7: Review your modifications and confirm the addition of the Habitat module to the workbench.

Step 8: Your ship is now equipped with a workbench, ready for customization and upgrades as you explore Starfield’s universe.