Stellaris Cheats: Stellaris Console Commands List

Are you struggling to find success in Stellaris? By using Stellaris cheats & console commands you can make your fleets invincible, give yourself extra resources, instantly finish research projects and load more.

Though cheats & console commands disables your achievements in the game, but you can input commands to achieve instant results. There are plenty of debug commands and options to create nice visuals, like by removing the UI.

You can make this game more interesting or engaging by using Stellaris console commands or Stellaris cheats. List of the cheats & console commands is given below.

How to open the console in Stellaris?

To open the console in Stellaris, just follow the below steps.

  • Start a new game (or load your current one).
  • Press the Tilde(~) Key on your keyboard.

Keep in mind that console command do not work in Iron Man games, and only you only need to use lowercase letters when entering new commands.

Moreover, you can press “º” or “`” to the left of the key “1” in the keyboard. If it doesn’t work, try Shift+2, Shift + Alt + C, or ALT+2+1 to open the console in Stellaris.

Stellaris Console Commands

All the Stellaris console commands are given below.

  • 3D stats (Toggles) – 3dstats
  • Achievement status (print) – achievement_status
  • Ethic to a pop (add) – add_ethic_pop x y: Where x is the pop ID and y the ethic key
  • Game in year 2400 -advanced_galaxy
  • Ai anomalies (Toggles) – ai_anomalies
  • Alien FX (Toggles) – alienfx
  • Ambient object (spawn) – ambient_object x: where x is the object type
  • Attack all fleets – attackallfleets
  • AI aggression to 10 – berserk_ai
  • Map Borders – borders
  • Casus Belli – casusbelli x y: where x is the casus belli key ID and y the ID of the target empire
  • Clear flag – clearflag x y z: where x is the type, x the flag and z the target ID
  • Communications with an empire (Toggles) – communications x: where x is the target country ID
  • Contact with all the empires (Toggles) – contact
  • Ship Damage – damage x: Where x is the amount of damage, but you have to select the ship first
  • Start a democratic ruler election – democratic_election
  • Start a ruler election – election
  • Show errors – error
  • Remove megastructure -effect remove_megastructure: but you have to select the megastructure first
  • Advance time – fast_forward x: where x is a number of days to advance
  • Kill country, leader, population or ruler – kill_country, kill_leader (ID), kill_pop (ID, kill_ruler
  • Switch Language – switchlanguage.

Stellaris cheats

Following are the cheats of Stellaris.

  • Traditions (activate all) – activate_all_traditions
  • Tradition (activate) – activate_tradition X: Where X is the ID of the Tradition
  • Ascension Perk (activate) – activate_ascension_perk X: Where X is the name of the ascension perk
  • AI (Toggle on or off) – ai:
  • Planet Ownership (take) – branchoffice:
  • Colonize a planet – colonize X: Where X is the ID
  • Megastructure (create) – create_megastructure X: Where X is the ID of the megastructure
  • Fleet (create) – create_navy X: Where X is the % of naval capacity
  • Refuse Player proposals (always) – debug_nomen:
  • Agree Player proposals (always) – debug_yesmen:
  • Ethics (Shift) – effect shift_ethic = X: Where X is the ID of the Ethic
  • Researchs (finish all) – finish_research:
  • Special Projects (finish all) – finish_special_projects:
  • Terraforming processes (finish all) – finish_terraform
  • Force Integrate – force_integrate X: Where X is country ID you want to integrate to your empire
  • Free Government (Toggles) – free_government
  • Free Policies (Toggles) – free_policies
  • Instant build – instant_build: But also applies to enemy AI
  • Intel (galaxy info) – intel
  • Invincible (ship) –invincible
  • Observer mode – observe
  • Fleet, Starbase or Planet Ownership (take control) – own
  • Fills all housing on a selected planet – populate
  • Planet Class (change) – planet_class X: Where X is the planet class name or id
  • Planet Size (change) – planet_size X: Where X is the new planet size
  • Technology or Tech Research (all) – research_all_technologies
  • Technology or Tech Research (one) – research_technology X: Where X is the Tech ID
  • Surveys all planets – survey: But requires 1 science ship.
  • Edicts (unlock all) – unlock_edicts
  • Cash [Desired Amount Here] – Adds minerals.
  • [Resource] [Desired Amount Here] – Instantly receive the desired amount of a given research material.
  • Invincible – Makes your fleet invincible.
  • Research_Technologies – Instantly researches all technology.
  • AI – Enable/Disable AI.
  • Populate – Adds Pops to all empty tiles on the currently selected planet.
  • Observe – Switch to observer mode.
  • Instant_Move – Enable/Disable instant teleportation of ships.
  • Instant_Colony – Enable/Disable instant colonization.
  • Instant_Build – Enable/Disable instant construction of buildings, ships and upgrades
  • Survey – Survey every planet and star system on the map.
  • Influence [Desired Amount Here] – Adds influence.
  • Debug_Yesmen – Forces all AI to accept any demands from your society.
  • Instant_Build – Immediately finish construction on all incomplete buildings.
  • Finish_Research – Immediately finish construction on all current research projects.
  • Play [Insert Faction ID] – Play as a different faction. Typically used to play as Fallen empires. Fallen empires IDs begin 1 digit higher than empire total for current game.
  • Add_Trait_Species [Species] [Trait Key] – Add a new trait to a species.
  • Remove_Trait_Species – Remove a trait from a specis.
  • Planet_Class [Class ID] – Change the class of the currently selected planet.
  • Planet_Happiness [Desired Amount Here] – Increase the happiness of the currently selected planet by the desired amount.
  • Planet_Size [Desired Amount Here] – Adjust the visual and tile size (to a maximum of 25) of the currently selected planet.
  • Damage [Desired Amount Here] – Instantly damage the currently selected ship.
  • Democratic_Election – Trigger the next presidential election.
  • Fast_Forward [Desired Amount Here] – Instantly advance the calendar by the specified number of days.
  • FTL – Enable/Disable unlimited FTL.