Use Stolen Realm Cheat Engine For Unlimited Mana Power Mod/Loot Table

Stolen Realm cheat Engine lets you enable God mod or unlimited mana power mod. If you want a gold statue or loot table where you get unlimited skills with no cool-down effects then here we have explained the best method to use the Cheat Engine table in Stolen Realm.

Stolen realm is a turn-based role-playing game featuring strategic battles. As the game goes on adventures can become pretty hard to complete. That’s where Stolen Realm Cheat Engine Trainer comes in handy.

In this article, we have explained the best Stolen Realm cheat engine with trainers for the different game versions to play god or to get unlimited skill points, mana, and more.

Where Can I Find Stolen Realm Cheat Engine?

Unlike an Elden ring Cheat Engine table, you can’t find a Stolen Realm Cheat Engine table on any site. Still, users keep searching for it hence some experts have come up with their Trainers that you can download to easily cheat in Stolen Realm.

By downloading Stolen Realm Trainer and activating it you can enable Debug Menu. This way you can Fill Health, Fill Mana, and Unlimited Skill Points.

While the Unlimited Skill Points, Fill Mana, and Health may seem enough, accessing Stolen Realm Debug Menu unravels cheats that make things a whole lot fun.

How To Use Stolen Realm Cheat Engine?

Method 1. Use Key Commands in Game

You can start with the easiest method to cheat in Stolen Realm. This method is not special, but for many users it’s doable.

You don’t need a cheat table for the cheat nor you are required to install Trainer. Simple press these keys simultaneously in the game:

Stolen Realm Cheat Engine Trainer

If you do it right you will see Debug Mode Activate popping up on the screen.

Debug Active Mode

If you see this message in the upper left corner, the mode is active. By activating Stolen Realm Debug Mode you will get to enjoy the below functions:

  • F12 – DestroyAllEnemies
  • F11/F10 – Kill yourself?
  • F9 – Get a Random Item
  • F8 – Clear PlayerPrefs
  • N – Network Data
  • F6 – ModifyHealth
  • F5 – Give PartyLeader 100 Gold
  • Minus – -10 Health
  • Plus – +10 Health
  • LeftBracket – -10 Mana
  • RightBracket – +10 Mana
  • Q – Should finish your quests

Method 2. Install Cheat Evolution

Cheat Evolution is the world’s best application for modding thousands of games. You can find cheats, trainers, mods, and more, all in one convenient, easy-to-use app. Cheat Evolution is like Cheat Engine on steroids. So here’s how to use it;

  • First, head over to the URL and download the latest version of Cheat Evolution.
  • Once downloaded, Extract the zip file using Winrar or 7-Zip.
  • Open the extracted folder and here you will find two executable files (cheatevolution.exe and launcher.exe)
  • The launcher function is to check for and apply updates. Ignore it and double-click to fire up Cheat Evolution.
  • Once opened, look up Stolen Realm within Cheat Evolution and use the highlighted keys to activate the cheats available.

Method 3. Download Stolen Realm Trainer For Game v0.12.6

You can also download Stolen Realm Trainer to cheat in the game. If you are playing game version 0.12.6 then has built a specific trainer for that. Their trainer includes 10 different functions that you can use to get ahead faster in the game.

You will get Infinite Health, Infinite Mana, Infinite XP, Unlimited Money, Infinite Armor, Infinite Items, Infinite Attribute Points, No Skills Cool down, Unlimited Turns, and One Hit Kills.

Method 4. Download Stolen Realm Trainer For Game v0.19.4

Those players who have updated Stolen Realm to version 0.19.4 should use Trainer developed by Their Stolen Realm Trainer also supports STEAM.

Download Trainer for game v 0.19.4.

You can also toggle trainer ON/OFF and you can use the rest of the built-in cheats in the game. While this is active, you will see DEBUG MODE ACTIVE in the upper left corner of the screen. Using this cheat trainer you will get cheats including:

  • NumPad1: Toggle Cheats On and Off
  • F12: Destroy All Enemies
  • F11: Kill Yourself or Team
  • F9: Get a Random Item
  • F8: Clear Player Preferences
  • N: Display Network Data
  • F6: Modify Health
  • F5: Give Party Leader Gold
  • OemMinus: Subtract 10 Health
  • OemPlus: Add 10 Health
  • OemOpenBrackets: Subtract 10 Mana
  • Oem6: Add 10 Mana
  • Q: Try to Finish Quests

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