Stonehearth Console Commands & Cheats List

Listed all the console commands and cheat codes for Stonehearth.

Stonehearth Console Commands and cheats help you get rewards and items in the game without having to put in a lot of effort. In this article, we will show you all the console commands as well as how to enable and activate them.

How to enable the cheat codes in Stonehearth?

If you want to use the cheats in Stonehearth, then you have to follow the steps below:

  • In order to enter the cheat codes, press Ctrl and C buttons on your keyboard first. 
  • Then you will be able to use the cheats.

All Stonehearth Console Commands & Cheats 2021

stonehearth cheats.
Cheat Codes Cheat Effect
query_pf Entering this command in Stonehearth will run the query pathfinder command without any arguments.
toggle_profile_long_ticks  Entering this command in Stonehearth enables or disables the per-game-tick profiling of the LUA code.
collect_cpu_profile Entering this command in Stonehearth results in the collection of an LUA code profile for a particular duration. This duration is in ms, and its default is the 30s. Used as: collect_cpu_profile 150000
get_cost Entering this command will give you the cost of the building you selected, or arg 0. Used as : get_cost object: //game/12345
world_seed Entering this command returns the current world’s world seed. Used as: world_seed
get_game_mode Entering this command will display the game mode of the current game. The mode can be either peaceful or normal.
set_time Entering this command will set the game time to the time passed in. Used as : set_time 1:25PM
reset Entering this command will reset the location of the entity to a proper one on the ground. Used as: reset
world_seed Entering this command will return the world seed of the current world. Used as: world_seed
dump_inaccessible_itemsEntering this command will result in the dumping of all two inventory items that aren’t in storage. It will also dump items that are not in the world. The items will be dumped around the town banner.
set_blinkEntering this command enables your hearthlings to move a little quicker.
spawn_effectEntering this command will result in the spawning of an effect on the selected entity. You will also have the option to loop the effect for an indefinite period of time. You can add a delay in between the spawn loops (in ms). Used as spawn_effect/stonehearth/data/effects/level_up true 1000
teleportEntering this command teleports the entity you have selected or passed in the entity id. This command displays a UI to enable the selection of a location. Used as teleport 12345
set_amenity  Entering this command will result in a change in the player’s relationship or amenity with the faction of the selected entity (can be friendly, neutral, or hostile). Used as: set_amenity hostile
destroy_scaffolding Entering this command will destroy the scaffolding of a selected building, or arg 0. Used as : destroy_scaffolding object://game/12345
add_exp Entering this command in Stonehearth will add experience points to the job of the presently-selected entity.
add_goldEntering this command will add gold to the inventory of the current player. If you enter a negative value, the gold will subtract. Used as: add_gold 1000
set_game_speed Entering this command will set the speed of the game to your specified amount multiplied by the default game speed. Used as: set_game_speed 5
set_attr Entering this command will set the attribute for the selected entity to a specific value. Used as: set_attr health 10
change_score  Entering this command will change a specified score on the selected entity by a specific amount. Used as: change_score nutrition -10
reset_locationEntering this command results in the location of an entity being reset to a proper location on the ground. Used as reset_location {optional x y z}
destroy_all  Entering this command in Stonehearth results in the destruction of all the entities that have the same URL as the selected entity. To use this command, you first need to open the Entity Tracker.
dump_cache_statsEntering this command will display spatial cache stats.
dump_trace_stats Entering this command will result in the dumping of a table with all tracked server and client memory.
print_ai_stackEntering this command prints the current coroutine stack trace of the ai.
dump_memory_statsEntering this command in Stonehearth will result in the dumping of a table with all tracked server and client memory.
select_storage Entering this command will select the storage that contains the selected entity if it has one.
add_buff Entering this command will add your specified buff URI to the entity that has been currently selected. Used as : add_buff stonehearth:buffs:starving
reset_scoresEntering this command will reset the scores of the selected entity to their starting values. Used as: reset_scores
make_hungry Entering this command will make your selected entity hungry if it has the calorie attribute. Used as: make_hungry
make_full Entering this command will make your selected entity full if it has the calorie attribute. Used as: make_full
get_entity_info Entering this command will let you acquire all information about an entity even if it has been destroyed. Used as : get_entity_info 82215
reproduce Entering this command in Stonehearth after selecting a pasture force that pasture to reproduce an animal. Used as: reproduce
grow Entering this command tells your selected entity to grow. For example, you can use this command to make a lamb grow into a sheep. Used as: grow
renewEntering this command will make the selected entity renew its source. Can be used to make sheep grow wool again. Used as: renew

These were the console commands for Stonehearth.