All Stranded Deep Cheat Codes & Console Commands

Listed all the cheats, hints, Easter eggs, secrets, and tips for Stranded Deep.

Cheat codes in Stranded Deep can make lives easier for players who don’t necessarily want to grind or prefer specific settings. Using cheat codes, and multiple commands to help spawn items, or become immune to damage, can give you a good indication of how you can start a game in the future.

Apart from providing cheat codes and console commands, we’ll also tell you how to Spawn Items In Stranded.

How To Enable Cheats in Stranded Deep

All the Stranded Deep cheats & console commands can be enabled with the “\” key, and an in-game pop-up should appear for the player to use.

Depending on the layout of one’s gaming keyboard, the “~” or  “ö” keys might also work. Once opened, players can then type whatever code they wish.

All Stranded Deep Console Commands & Cheat Codes

Here is a list of all the console commands:

Cheat CodeCheat Effect
dev.godThis option allows players to fly around the map and become immune from damage. It can prove helpful since there are no straightforward ways to heal in Stranded Deep.
dev.console (True/False)Displays the full developer console.
fps (True/False)Displays frames per second.
fps (True/False)Allows the gamer to change the time of day in hour-long increments, each number representing an hour of the day.
help (commandExplains a command to the player.
help listBrings up the complete command list for the game.
dev.log.dumpSpawns a log on the desktop. This will be important for creating things such as splints and rafts in Stranded Deep.
dev.log.view Shows the log in the console for the player.
dev.log.clearErases all log entries. (True/False) Adjusts the visual effects for in-game fog. (True/False)Adjusts the reflection effects for in-game fog.
dev.options list Shows the current output for the game
clearErases the history for command entries.

How To Spawn Items In Stranded

How To Spawn Items In Stranded

Once the player has activated the command “dev.console true” this will put players in developer mode. In this mode, press the “/” key to open up the item spawn menu.

From here you can fabricate any item in the game with ease. This also has a quick button to enable Fly Mode or God Mode.