Tea That Tastes Thorny Quest in One Piece Odyssey

In this guide, we will discuss Tea That Tastes Thorny Quest in One Piece Odyssey.

You will get different quests in the game as you visit different locations. You need to talk to the random NPCs and get the quest. While visiting Alubarna you will see a weeping woman that will give you the tea quest. In the Quest, you have to help her by finding the Tea Leaves Jars. Upon completion, you will get some rewards.

Tea that Tastes Thorny Quest Location

You will get this quest in Alubarna where you need to go toward the Navigation Mark to the south. You will see a Weeping Woman NPC near the navigation mark. Interact and talk to her. Select the (Shut up! Let’s hear her out) option. The NPC will tell you her name (Lief) and she is a tea merchant.

tea that tastes thorny quest location

The Lady will tell you that she has dropped some tea leaves that she wants to deliver to the customer and now the customer is waiting.

How to find Jars of Tea Leaves

You need to find two Jars of Tea Leaves. Get outside of the area and go to the right side you will find a Soldier within the wall. Talk to the Soldier and ask him about the tea jar. The Soldier will tell you that he finds the jars on the ground and he will give you the jar.

jar of tea leaves

How to find the Second Tea Leaves Jar

Now you need to find the second Tea Jar. Go to the right side and then go to the left side. Follow the path and you will see a Soldier. You need to go to the right side of the soldier. A little far you will see multiple Tea Leaf Thieves on the left side with the Blue Dress.

second tea leaves jar

You will ask the Thief to give you the Tea Leaves but they won’t give you. There your battle will begin with Thieves. These are not the higher level enemies and it will take two or three moves to defeat them. After defeating the Thieves they will give you the tea jar.

After taking the jar head straight toward the Tea Merchant and talk to her. You will give her the jar and she will be happy again.

Quest Reward

You will get these rewards as you complete the quest.

  • Spider Café Employee Card (1)
  • Money (18000)

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