The Callisto Protocol: Best Weapon Upgrade Guide

The Callisto protocol is mainly about focusing on the combat and healing. Because you have to survive through difficult situations while fighting with enemies. The main thing you use during combat is dodge and weapons which include melee and guns. So you also need to upgrade them to fit better in the game. Which will make it easier for you to tackle multiple enemies at the same time.

In this guide, we will discuss how to do the best upgrade for the Weapons in The Callisto Protocol.


These are the weapons that you will get in the game. This includes melee and guns as well. You will get them as you progress in the game. You will get them the numbers-wise.

  1. Shiv (Given to you by Elias)
  2. Pick Axe (Get Automatically during the fight with the enemies at the watchtower)
  3. Stun Baton (You will get this automatically in the Outbreak Chapter)
  4. Hand Cannon (You will get this from Elias in the Outbreak Chapter where he gives you a part of the pistol and asks you to print the weapon in the control room)
  5. GRP Glove (You will get this from the dead body of the guard during in-game progress)
  6. Skunk Gun (Can be made at the forge by using the Skunk Gun Schematic)
  7. Riot Gun (You will get this automatically in the Lost Chapter by Dani)
  8. Tactical Pistol (Can be made at the forge by using the Tactical Pistol Schematic)
  9. Assault Rifle (Can be made at the forge by using the Assault Rifle Schematic)

How to upgrade:

You can upgrade any kind of weapon at the forge where you will be able to print the weapon as well. It will also cost you some money.

Best Upgrade:

The main and first weapon you will get first is the Stun Baton which gives enemies a lot of damage. And if you know how to use it you will be completely untouchable. After getting to the Forge you will see there will be three skill trees of the Baton. You need to focus on upgrading the middle one because it focuses on your own blocking and decreases the damage of the blocking. And if you can avoid taking damage that should be idle. The left tree focuses on the damage of the hit. And the right tree for the suffering of the enemy’s limbs if they try to attack you can cut their hands off which will kill them easily.   

For the guns always try to upgrade the ammo capacity and a little bit towards the damage site because the bullet capacity is not that good in the game. For the grp try to focus on the battery capacity.

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