The Callisto Protocol – How the virus actually started and its Location

The Callisto Protocol will reveal many secrets as you progress through the game. The one down side of this game is players don’t know how things actually started the virus and where it begins. To know this they have to play a long 5-hour game to know because this game didn’t tell you earlier.

In this guide, we will discuss How the virus actually started in The Callisto Protocol.

Origin of the Virus

You will be able to find out during your journey with Dani. When you reach to the lab. The big mistake most players make is that they didn’t pay attention to the details of the video Hologram in which the inside detail of the story occurs. They just skip them and complete the game and didn’t get the answer that how the virus actually spread.

First Hologram Encounter

Where the first Hologram appears in which Dr. Mahler welcomes and tells about the research which took them decades. Dani asks Jacob to investigate the lab and she will meet him inside. Enter the lab by opening the gate.

Second Hologram Encounter

In the next Hologram Dr. Mahler, it all began with a distress call from something mysterious spreading on Callisto. Move forward and to the left side of the glass container, and she will tell you that a thing is a form of accelerated evolution similar to what they discovered at Paramo.

If they understand the disease they can re-engineer it and uncover the secrets of the Paramo effect. Move a little far you will discover that they built a lab was built after securing the site and later a poison surround the lab. So it makes it easier for them to test the subjects. That comes to the reason to build Black Iron.

first hologram

After taking research for years they finally come to find the source where it all began. Then you will have to move a little far by taking the stairs to the right side. When Jacob enter he was shocked to discover the creature.

Virus creature

Location for the Virus

After that, the Doctor hologram appears in which she tells that the creature was discovered when the miners broke through the Callisto subsurface ocean. It was dead by the time they arrived killed by the security forces. They took the sample of larvae to the Calisto lab. During this Jacob opens the medicine box in which he discovers the virus at the bottom of the box.


After that, you encounter Dr. Ferris and after getting out of his sight you will discover the process of how they actually turn them into zombies by injecting the virus.

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