The Callisto Protocol: How to Change Outfits & Skins

The Callisto protocol is a new survival horror game. Where you will see a planet under attack by some sort of virus which happened in some sort of lab. This game also introduces new systems like combat and weapon skills. Which you can use these in the game as a survival tool. You also have a chance to change your appearance. Although there are not many dress skins but still you will be able to change them.

In this guide, we will discuss Outfits & Skins in The Callisto protocol.

How to change:

Some games give you the appearance option at the main menu but this is not in the case with Callisto Protocol. You need to select the option in the gameplay. You need to follow the steps to change the dress.

  1. GO to the Option after starting the game in the main menu.
  2. There you will see many options to select Gameplay.
  3. Character Skin and change the character’s skin of your choice.

But first, you need to have the skins in order to change them.

How to get the Skins:

So the Callisto Protocol has a different way of getting skins some are by default and for some, you have to purchase the specific edition.

Default skin you will be to get while the game starts and you get into the prison. After crashing your ship.

How to get Retro Prisoner Skin:

Retro skin is the most interesting skin Callisto Protocol and players are searching where to get this. There is only one way from which you can get the Retro Skin.

  1. Purchase Day One Edition
  2. Purchase Digital Deluxe Edition
  3. Purchase Collector’s Edition

How to get Snake Skin:

Snake Skin is the most anticipated skin in the Callisto Protocol. You will be able to get this skin through this method. You need to connect your favorite gaming platform to Krafton ID.

  1. Login or register the account.
  2. Link the platform with the Id
  3. Get the skin after linking the account in the game menu.

How to get Gore Skin:

You will be able to get this skin after watching the stream of The Callisto Protocol stream on twitch. Make sure to watch the stream where you will see that the streamer mentions the drop.  Watch the gameplay for 30 minutes and you will get the skin in the drop box.

Biophage Skin:

You will be able to get this skin after pre-ordering the Day One Edition.

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