The Callisto Protocol: How to Defeat Capt. Ferris The Final Boss

You will encounter many enemies types in The Callisto Protocol during the progress in-game. They will appear from stage to stage and you have to kill them. But for the bosses, there are not many bosses in the Callisto protocol. You will encounter some bosses like two head boss which you will encounter two times and the main boss Capt. Ferris was introduced by the Warden.

In this guide, we will discuss how to Defeat Capt. Ferris The Final Boss in The Callisto Protocol.

capt. ferris boss

Capt. Ferris:

Capt. Ferris is the security head of the Callisto Prison. You will encounter him first after the ship crash. Then you will face him at the Watchtower while escaping where he was taken over by the zombies. You thought he was dead but he will appear again later in the game (Habitat). Then you will face him again when you discover the virus. And then for the final time as an Alpha introduced by the Warden.

How to Defeat Capt. Ferris:

You will encounter him while speaking with Warden Cole and he introduce you to the Capt. Ferris as you asked for the antinode. You are asking him for the cure for Dani. There you will meet Capt. And he will tell you that this transformation is the gift and he will show Jacob.

Phase 1:

Before entering this chapter and stage you need to make sure that your weapons are fully upgraded and you also have healing. When the fight begins he will use his hand multiple times to attack you like he will swing his hand 4 to 5 times constantly just try to dodge the attack to the opposite site by using the stick. Then he will also kick you which will throw you on the ground. He will also do an instant attack in which he tries to grab you by the neck and press the triangle button to get out of the situation.

Cpt. Ferris boss

Phase 2:

After some time he will grab you and throw you on the ground and something happens to him and he will change his appearance to a full monster. Then the fight begins when you shoot him and he will go back and also covers his face. He will quickly run towards you and attack you with his claws and also multiple poison fires. Just quickly dodge the attacks and use the shotgun and assault rifle as much as possible. Make sure to have enough ammo before the fight and try to target his head it will give him a lot of damage. After some time, he will die and you will get the antinode through the injection from his body.

Cpt. Ferris boss fight phase 2

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