The Callisto Protocol: How to Dodge Perfectly

The Callisto Protocol releases and brings many new things to the game. Which attracts the players and keeps them busy in the game. As this game is a Horror Survival. So you need to focus on the things related to your health, weapons, and combat. The Combat system is the most important one because you have to use it for the majority phase of the game. You will face a lot of enemies and have to defeat them in order to progress in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss how to dodge perfectly in the Callisto Protocol.

Combat System Dodge:

The most important thing is to use dodge and to use the dodge perfectly because you will see during the game progress you will be attacked by the zombies instantly where you have to dodge. If you don’t do the dodge immediately you will die in no time. So it’s important to learn the dodge in the game.

How to Dodge:

So when you start playing the game but you are having some trouble finding your footing with the game battle system. Especially the melee and dodging. This game gives a very basic understanding of how the dodging works. The developer also said that there is also no such kind of wait system in the dodging. But still, the game has and it’s necessary because the attacks come by the enemies, are very fast and instantly. There is also a trophy which you will get.

The first encounter with the zombie you will have after you found yourself in the prison. In the control room, you will face your first enemy. When you see an attack coming by the enemy you just have to go on one side either its right or left. If you go right then focus on the right and if left then focus on the left until an attack comes you switched your footing to the other side. As soon as the attack stops and the enemy back away this is the end of the sequence.

If you dodge with the right on the last time and the enemy moves away that means you can again and circle on the right. The enemy will also do an instant attack like jump on you. Use the triangle button to dodge. Just use the right stick to keep your focus on the enemy and dodge the attack by going to one side.

This is how you can dodge perfectly. I hope this guide will help you.

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