The Callisto Protocol -How to get Giving Back Trophy Guide

Trophies and achievements are the interesting part of many games which is a specific method to finish the game and unlock the trophies. Some players didn’t focus much on the detailed finish of the game. Because they just want to complete the mission. For trophies and achievement, you have to complete the task which is during the mission. You don’t need to do anything extra to get the trophies. You will just have to get the materials and items from different locations.

In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock the Giving Back Trophy in The Callisto Protocol.

The Callisto Protocol has many trophies and achievements that you can unlock by just simply getting the items and by killing the enemies in a specific manner. After that, you will get the Trophy.

Giving Back Trophy:

You will able to perform this task for the Giving Back Trophy in the Below Chapter 6 of the Callisto Protocol. This is when you reach to a point in the underground where you will see multiple zombies from behind like stealth. These zombies are blinded so you need to sneak there and kill them.

Killing the Zombie by Backstab:

There you will get an opening cinematic where you will see them. As soon as you watch the cinematics it will start off with between the two rocks where you will see a zombie attach to the wall. Use the GRP Glove to free him up. Go behind him and stab him to kill.

backstab zombie

There will be another one you will see him in a moment. Use the Grp Glove and Sneak behind him and stab him. Just look around for the zombies within the stone and kill them by sneaking and stabbing. Do this five times and you will get the Giving Back Trophy. In the same chapter, you will also be able to perform the same while you reach for the objective (Reach the Transport Hub). But there you will encounter all of the enemies. Just try to position yourself in the position so you can kill them easily. One you will be to find by climbing through the stairs.  After killing all five of them you will receive the Trophy. Just be careful and try not to make any noise otherwise they will attack you together and you won’t be able to get the trophy.


This is how you can get the Giving Back Trophy. I hope this guide will help you. 

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