The Callisto Protocol: How To Kill Two Head Brute

As you know the Callisto Protocol is a survival horror game. You have to go through different stages during the game’s progress where you have to find items and fight with the enemies. You will face many enemies during the game. At first, they will be like normal you can defeat them easily. But the main Enemies and enemies appear later in the game.

This is the first major boss in the game. This boss has two heads and a body structure stretched between the chest. You will be able to encounter this boss during Chapter 6 (The Below). Where you have to defeat him.

In this guide, we will discuss how to defeat the Two-Head Brute in The Callisto Protocol.

How to Defeat the Boss in The Callisto Protocol

There are two major ways to tackle this fight. You will fight with this boss as you progress to make the train and you are close to meeting with Dani again. But before you actually get to fight you will have to fight multiple enemies. Make sure to upgrade the weapons if have not and collect the items by opening the box on the train and also searching around the place to get the items. The first mini wave you can easily fling off into the distance for quick kills (GRP Glove) but they don’t eventually just get too hairy you do have not enough battery power to keep doing this. There is also a big fan in which you can toss the enemies to kill them. There will be multiple waves of small enemies that you have to kill them. Get close and do melee attacks and don’t forget to stomp them to get the extra resources. After clearing the enemy wave you will finally encounter the boss.

So after fighting with the enemies your health bar will be low. The first thing you can do is restart the level from there. And if you want to heal you have to heal instantly after the boss appears and he will come towards to attack you. Dodge the attack instantly when he swings his hand towards you. There are two obstacles on the lift at diagonal points from one another. You can repeatedly take him around these obstacles and take the shots. Run and keep space between him.

 From the distance use your pistol to shoot him in the end which will make him bloody and he will stun on the ground. Run toward him and use melee attacks until he stands up.

How to Defeat the Boss in The Callisto Protocol

After he gets up switch the weapon to the Shotgun that Dani gives you and use one or two shots between the obstacles. Repeat the process and be patient until he falls down and died. You will also get a (Two Heads are better than One) Trophy.

How to Defeat the Boss in The Callisto Protocol

This is how you can defeat the Two Head Brute Boss. I hope this guide will help you.

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