The Callisto Protocol: How to Uncover the Mystery of Kallipolis Commonality Trophy

Trophies are achievements that you can unlock by doing some specific tasks. In The Callisto Protocol, you have to do the tasks and complete them to progress in the game. But there are some manners in which you do the task or kill the enemies it will unlock the achievement in the form of a Trophy. There are some collectibles in different chapters that mostly the players miss. But upon picking them will unlock the trophy. These are not necessary to complete the mission or the chapter but for the trophy these are necessary.

In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock the Commonality Trophy in The Callisto Protocol.

Go to The Duncan Cole Secret Room 1 (Chapter 3 Aftermath)

You will be able to get this item in chapter 3 (Aftermath). This begins when you ask to locate the medical facility. After that follow the washing path and open the gate and follow the stairs path. Go to the right side and open the gate by using the shiv to cut open the door. Go to the right side and crawl through the vent. Get out of the vent and follow the stairs to reach the secret room and collect the recording.

duncole cole: secret room 1

Yannick Sage Secret Room 2 (Chapter 6 Below)

The next item you will be able to get is in Chapter 6 Below. This began when you got the objective to locate the Power Reactor. Immediately after that follow the stair to climb up. You will see a power reactor sign on the wall.

Don’t get inside go to the left side through the short path between the walls. You will reach an underground place where you will encounter zombies. Kill them and move forward. A little far you will see a right mark on the wall.

Go to the right side and you will see the secret room. Enter the room and get the recording from the table. After picking up the recording you will get The Commonality Trophy.

Yannick Sage Secret Room 2 (Chapter 6 Below)

This is how you will be able to get The Commonality Trophy. I hope this guide will help you.