How To Fix The Callisto Protocol Screen Tearing on PC, PS5, & PS4

HELP! How do I fix screen tearing?

The screen tearing and flickering in The Callisto Protocol can become the worst graphical hiccup. It happens when your Hz and resolution are mismatched between the PC or PS4/PS5 and the TV/monitor.

So when the frame rate over the monitor or TV is too high and your console is not configured to support then you will see multiple frames shown simultaneously which creates a tear or flicker.

Don’t worry in this article we explain how to fix The Callisto Protocol screen tearing on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

What Causes The Screen Tearing and Flickering on PC and PS4/PS5?

In most cases, it’s the TV and the console hardware resolution settings that are not synced. However, the Faulty HDMI Cable or Update Games on your PS5 can also become a cause of flickering and tearing.

So we also recommend that you restart your console, power cycle your PS4/PS5 console, or replay the level from the beginning.

How To Fix The Callisto Protocol Screen Tearing on PC, PS4, PS5, or Xbox Consoles

The solution to fix screen tearing in The Callisto Protocol is different for PC and PS4/PS5 users. So both platforms have their things to tweak.

How to fix Screen Tearing on PC | The Callisto Protocol

  • Enable V-Sync.
    • Usually, players disable V-Sync because it causes input lag. For the time being a quick fix for any PC screen tearing is to enable V-Sync. This prevents the frame rate from going above a set limit.
  • Cap frame rate in software.
    • Software like MSI Afterburner can be used to cap the rate at which the graphics card renders frames. Setting this to the TV or monitor maximum refresh rate will have the best results. For example, on a 60 Hz monitor or TV, set the frame-rate cap to 60.
  • Use Nvidia or AMD software to force a V-Sync option.
    • Go to the Nvidia or AMD control panel and enable a Fast or Adaptive V-Sync. This helps stop tearing without as much input lag.

How To Fix Screen Tearing on PS5, PS4, and Xbox | The Callisto Protocol

  • Play The Callisto Protocol in Quality Mode
    • There are two graphics options on consoles. Trying to swap between the two will allow players to see which setting has fewer screen tearing issues.
  • Wait for an update.
    • These days developers are quick to fix issues that pop up on consoles. So wait for the next update.
  • Enable 120 Hz Output
    • Most modern games support 120Hz so sync your PS4/PS5 with the same Hz
  • Adjust Screen and Video Settings on PS4/PS5
    • Another fix is to change the display resolution. All you need to do is to disable HDCP and HDR and change RGB settings.
  • Disable HDR:
    • Go to your PS4/PS5 Settings > Choose Screen and Video.
    • Select Video Output from the left pane.
    • Change the HDR option to Off.
  • Disable HDCP:
    • Go to your PS4/PS5 Settings > Go to System.
    • Choose HDMI from the left pane.
    • Turn Off the Enable HDCP option.
  • Change RGB Settings:
    • Go to the Settings menu from the PS4/PS5 Home screen.
    • Head over to Screen and Video > Select Video Output.
    • Select the RGB Range option at the bottom.
    • Now, select Limited or Full.
  • Change Screen Resolution:
    • Go to Settings on the console > Select Screen and Video.
    • Select Video Output from the left pane.