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The Callisto Protocol Screen Tearing Fix | PC and PS5/PS4

The Callisto Protocol Screen Tearing Fix | PC and PS5/PS4

The screen tearing and flickering in The Callisto Protocol can become the worst graphical hiccup. It happens when your Hz and resolution are mismatched between the PC or PS4/PS5 and the TV/monitor.

So when the frame rate over the monitor or TV is too high and your console is not configured to support then you will see multiple frames shown simultaneously which creates a tear or flicker.

Don’t worry in this article we explain how to fix The Callisto Protocol screen tearing on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

What Causes The Screen Tearing and Flickering on PC and PS4/PS5?

In most cases, it’s the TV and the console hardware resolution settings that are not synced. However, the Faulty HDMI Cable or Update Games on your PS5 can also become a cause of flickering and tearing.

So we also recommend that you restart your console, power cycle your PS4/PS5 console, or replay the level from the beginning.

How To Fix The Callisto Protocol Screen Tearing on PC, PS4, PS5, or Xbox Consoles

The solution to fix screen tearing in The Callisto Protocol is different for PC and PS4/PS5 users. So both platforms have their own things to tweak.

How to fix Screen Tearing on PC | The Callisto Protocol

in Windows 11, 10 and 7

Use Driver Easy to update all the missing & outdated device drivers on PC for free.

How To Fix Screen Tearing on PS5, PS4, and Xbox | The Callisto Protocol

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