The Callisto Protocol – Walkthrough Chapter 2: OUTBREAK

After the crash on the Callisto, you and the girl caught on the order of Warden. On the ship, Jacob protested to Captain Ferris that he didn’t do anything he got attacked by the girl. But he asked you to stay calm and take you to the Callisto Prison on the orders of the Warden.

Then the Guard takes Jacob to the machine forcefully and a device is injected into Jacob’s head. Jacob collapsed and found himself in the prison.


Explore the Cell:

At first, you see yourself in a conscious (A bad Dream) state where you interact with the object (a small box on the floor) while picking the Jacob is attacked by the dead co-pilot Max. When you wake up you will hear the prison alarm and an announcement by the Warden.

Escape the Prison:

When Jacob interacts with the door it already opens and when Jacob comes outside he sees that something happens in the prison. Now you need to escape from there. Go to the right side and follow the path until you reach the stairs to the left side. You will be called by the prisoner when you go downstairs. He will ask Jacob about the situation and tell you that he knows about this place. And he can help you to get out of this place. He will give you a Sharp wrench and tell you to go inside the control room to open his cell. Lastly, he will tell you his name (Elias).


Cross Bridge to the Control Room:

Now you need to go to the control room to open the gate. Go straight and open the door by using the wrench (Shiv). Move to the right side and then open the gate to the control room. The gate won’t be fully open. You need to open the door forcefully. When you open the door you will immediately be attacked by the prisoner. After killing the prisoner you will be attacked by the human zombie (A prisoner converted).

Open Elias’s Cell:

After killing the zombie open the cell gate by interacting with the console and move back toward Elias. You will be blocked by the gate. Now tell you to go to the watch tower by taking the lift and meet him there. Follow the straight path and kill the zombie. Move to the right side and use the console to activate the lift. Follow the destructive path to the right side and reach the next location by crawling under the wall. You will be attacked by the creature again.

A little far you will see a medic box. Get the health injection from the box and fill your health bar. The chip behind your head tells the status of your character’s health. Follow the path and reach the elevator to the left side. When you use the lift by some fault instead of going up it will go down.

help Elias

Jacob told the situation to Elias and he will tell Jacob that he still can make it to the watchtower. But ask Jacob to be careful because of the zombies. Now you can communicate with Elias because both of the Chip Cores are linked dot each other.

Move Through Solitary:

You will see the dead body of the prisoner pulled up by someone from the roof. Move to the side and follow the path. Pick up the energy converter from the box and open the gate to the left side. After opening the gate go to the left cell and take the Callisto Credit from the table. Take another Callisto Credit from the cell and move forward. Open the gate to the left and you will be attacked by the zombie but he will die instantly and you will see again a dead body has been taken by someone (Hidden Creature).

Move forward by opening the big gate and following the path. Elias told you about his mate that he is attacked by his mate who is also converted and he has to kill him. On the way, you will see a chest. Open the chest to get the items and move forward by using the lift. Elias tells you to stay away from the security because they are activated again. In the cut scene, you will see two prisoners killed by the robot Guard.

Robot Guard

Sneak Past the Security Units:

Now you need to get out from there undetected. Use the vent to the left side to reach the Medical Zone. Pass the Robot by crouching and reach the door and open it. You will also be detected by the Robot. Sneak inside the room until he left. Move forward to reach the operation center. Get the Gate Fuse from the switch and open the chest. You will be attacked by the zombie worm. Use the fuse again to interact with the switch and move forward.

Take the Dr. Caitlyn Recording from the left side and move forward by opening the gate. Kill the zombie and again open the door to reach the Security Control. Take the health from the table and move forward by using the vent to the left side. Elias asks Jacob about his position and tells him to keep coming.

After coming outside of the vent you will be attacked by the zombie. Kill the zombies and reach the security room by using the vent. There Jacob will pick up a Stun Baton and throw his crowbar.

Pick up Stun Baton

Return to the watchtower:

Interact with the console to open the lockdown. Kill the zombie and move to the left side by opening the gate.  Move forward and crawl under the gate and open the gate to reach outside. Follow the path and get the injection from the medic box. Kill some zombie in the way and get the Elias recording from the cell to the right side. Go forward by the stairs and use the lift to reach the Watch Tower.  You will see the Captain talking to his team about the situation.


Sneak Past Capt. Ferris:

Now you need to pass through that area by crouching and open the door to the left side. While Jacob opens the door he will instantly be caught by the GRP Glove and throw you on the table. Jacob will open the door and is instantly taken by the zombie.  

Capt. Ferris

Take the Voice recording of Captain and move outside to exit from there.

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