The Callisto Protocol -Walkthrouhg Chapter 1: CARGO

The Callisto Protocol is Horror Survival Game That settles in the Year 2320 Jupiter Planet. In the game, you will face many survival and combat situations. The game is also divided into chapters.

The Chapter starts when the news appears about some attack on Europa. After some talking to your teammate (Max) he told you about the yellow light in the cargo and ask you to check. Then you move to check the cargo.

Check on Special Cargo:

Go around and check the cargo. First, check your room and collect the Recording from the cabin. You can look at the data in your inventory by pressing the up button and select the pressing the R button. Check the recording and move forward. Go to the store room and open the gate to the cargo and follow the path.  Follow the cargo tunnel and go to the right side by opening the door. When you open the door you will see the area is burning and you told Max. The ship has been invaded by the enemies. Max told you to hold your back and stay away from the enemies.


Return to The Cockpit:

Move forward by crouching and you will see the enemies searching the area. Follow the path by crouching and move forward. Climb up the stairs by sprinting and you will instantly chase by the enemies. Jacob told the max that they are heading for the bridge. Jacob opens the backdoor of the ship which will pull the out enemies of the ship. The girl shoots the mirror which will make the ship unstable due to the moon’s gravity. Max call you for help in the cockpit. Reach the cockpit by saving yourself from the objects and fire.


You ask to get permission from the watch tower due to an emergency but you won’t. The ship collapse on the planet. After the crash, you will see Max got badly injured. He instantly died and a memory card fall from his hand. Then you approach by the Black iron Security. You instantly see the girl and told the Guard that she is the one who does this. Then Guard got the call from the boss and ask him to bring Jacob too.

Final cutscene

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