The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – Charlie in gas chamber to Force door or lift grate Walkthrough

In the Devil in Me, you will have to solve the puzzle and make decisions in different situations like keeping the story in different ways and at the time of survival. Because In many moments you will be trapped by the Masked Man (Du’Met). So you have kept the character safe. One wrong decision can kill you. In this guide, we will discuss The Gas Chamber Situation.

Gas Chamber:

While searching Charlie will reach room (Chamber). You are instantly trapped in this Gas Chamber and the door closed. You are in between the fire. You have to escape. Charlie instantly throws his jacket away. You try to open the door. There you have to choose the options.

choose force door
  • Lift Grate
  • Force Gate

Select the Force Door Option. Then you will try to open the door but you won’t succeed. You will be given the option again. Choose the Force Gate Option again this time the window opens and you try to reach the handle of the door. But the trapped is set in a way that when you open the windows the intensity of the fire is increased.

The Second Way:

Don’t select any of the options when you have to select between Lift Grate and Force Door when it appears on the screen you. It doesn’t do anything Charlie will die.

choose lift grate

The Third Way:

When Charlie got into the Gas Chamber trap. You will first choose the options so you can perform some action and survive. First when you ask to select the Option

  • Lift Grate
  • Force Door
choose lift grate

Select the Lift Grate Option. Charlie will try to lift but he can’t because it’s too heavy. You will ask to choose the option again. Here you have to choose the Lift Grate Option again. Charlie will use his full force to lift the Grate and hide under the Grate. But due the heat under the Grate he will scream within pain die.

charlie death

Charlie’s Team also performs the action to save him from outside but they won’t be able to save him.

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