The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – Guilty Trophy Guide

The Devil in Me has a trophy system that you can unlock by completing tasks. Tasks are different collectible items that you can find in different chapters.

In this guide, we will discuss how to unlock the Guilty Trophy.

Cigarette (Desperate):

You will find this in Cigarette Chapter. This starts when Charlie talks about cigarettes with Erin. That is where she puts the cigarettes. To which she replied she doesn’t know she just put them in the bag. There you have to choose the option.

  • Instructive
  • Say Nothing
  • Desperate
choose desperate

Choose the Desperate Option (Check the other bag). By searching the bag she will find a letter (The letter has the bank information through which Charlie’s check bounced) which Charlie instantly takes the letter from her. Charlie told Erin to worry about finding cigarettes which she said she can’t find them. Charlie said that he thinks Kate and Jamie doing this.

Tape (Silver Ash):

You will be able to find this in Silver Ash Chapter. Where she will enter a Surgery Room and see the dummies to the left side. Go to the Bed and you will see the Tape there. Play the tape by pressing the R2 button (In which Charlie asks Mr. Du’Met if he wants his team to be dead). Then go back and inspect the right human dummy.


Light House (Afraid):

This began when Marks was climbing the wall and suddenly Erin scared Mark with her appearance. Erin takes his hand and pulls him up. They hug each other and Mark asks Erin about Kate and Jamie. Erin told him that she lost them in the woods. Then she told she find a way to the lighthouse. But Erin said that Charlie cannot come with them. Then she tells the reason she hears the call with Mr. Du’Met. Charlie tries to convince them that he is not a murderer. He cants kill his own team members. Then Erin asks Mark to take the decision. There you have to choose the option.

  • Afraid
  • Reassuring
  • Say Nothing
Choose Afraid

Choose the Afraid Option (We can’t let Charlie free). Then Mark ties him up on which Charlie insists to untie him or he will fire him. In the end, you will look for Charlie in that place where you tie him. But you can’t find him. But when you find him he was dead. On which you will earn the guilty trophy.

This is how you can unlock the trophy. We hope this guide will help you.