The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me Β – How to get the Bad Ending

The Devil in Me is a survival horror game. When you visit the Murder Hotel and get trapped with your friends, you have to survive which includes difficulties, tool-based puzzles, and movements. As this game is progression based, it allows you to go through different endings. The ending depends on your playstyle. An ending can also be Good, Bad, Worst, and Secret.

In this guide, we will discuss the Bad Ending of the game.

How to get the Bad Ending in The Dark Pictures Anthology

In this ending, you will see yourself in a conscious state trapped in a locker. Where you will scream for help. Then the window of the locker will open and you will see Kate trapped on the bed. She is attached by a Drip of acid to her body. The masked man will appear and inject the acid into the drip. And then he will drop acid on her arm on which she will scream for your help.

The masked man then plays a video on the laptop. Where a man named Joseph Morello. He will tell about something himself that he is just a crime author. Telling you he let you believe that he is Granthem Du’Met. He will tell that he is not the real one actually asked to do by the real Granthem Du’Met. Then he will ask you to dial the number and whoever picks up the call tell him that you are Granthem Du’Met. He will also tell you about the script.

Choose i have invitation for you

Then he will ask you to get them into the house and he will also sorry you. Beg you for his daughter. Kate will tell you that we are the only ones who made it. Everyone is dead. You will scream and the Mask man opens the acid which will hurt Kate. Kate will ask you to let her die and don’t do the task so you can save the people.

Selecting the right Options for a Bad Ending

There you have to choose the option to (make the call). Then you will dial the number and choose the (I have an invitation for you) option. You will pick some people from outside and invite them in. Then you and Kate get out from there from the boat.

You will talk to Kate that you have to do it to save her. Kate is angry because we just let others die there. The children of that family see you from the windows. After that, a man appears and talk something about the ending and the people who died.

Bad Ending

In the end, you will see the boat pull backward. And the Mask-Man shoots you with the sniper rifle.

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