The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – How to get the Worst Ending

Most of the time survival games have different endings. Because you have to face different situations in the game. Your choice in the different tasks leads the game to different endings. Which can be bad good or worst. Like in The Devil in Me you are surviving in the motel with your friends which will lead you to different storylines and endings.

In this guide, we will discuss the Worst ending of the game.

The Second Ending (Worst) in The Dark Pictures Anthology

This will be the same till you make the. For the first ending, you choose the option to save Kate. But in this ending, you choose to save the people. Choose the second option by swiping to the right. After that Kate will tell you that she is always with you and confess her love to you.

Choice no. 1

The acid level of the jar will fill up and enter the body of Kate. On which she will scream very hard. There you will allow choosing the option to make the call and stay hostile. Do nothing in this situation. After that, a gas will appear in your locker and you begin coughing. You both died there.

choice no. 2

The same man will appear again and talk about the situation again and everyone on the island died except the dog. Also, talk about the new girl about his courage but she is also gone. Jamie died of short wiring. He will also talk about the new openings in Brooklyn.

In the end, someone watches the Tv in which the reporter will talk about the missing persons (A film crew) that are trapped while they are in the limousine. She will talk about how the police are informed through a phone call from a lighthouse situated across the island. Bu the identity still remains unknown.

The girl will appear in the Tv Room and talk about her video that went viral. Talked about getting enough views to win the ticket in the competition for the five people. In which they will get an expense-paid trip to an exotic island. Also, she said that Mr. Granthem Du’Met will send the limousine and everything that needs to travel. They talked about they will have so much fun. This end when the picture zooms and shows the masked man.

Worst Ending

This is how the game (Ending 2 Worst) ends. I hope this guide will help you.

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