The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – How to save Everyone (Good Ending)

In The Devil in Me game, you are actually traveling with your friends (Movie team) to an exotic Island invited by some unknown person. The reason you have won the ticket to the island and all the things are arranged by that unknown person Granthem Du’Met. There you are going to shoot a movie. But when you reached there all things changed. You will get into trouble and you have to survive and save your friends. Which will lead you to different endings.

In this guide, we will discuss the Third Ending which is a good ending.

Note to make this ending:

To make this ending happen you need to make sure everyone will be alive. Make sure to bring the dog with you. These are the stages where you need to keep everyone alive. Then you will make it to the shores.

  • keep Mark alive
  • keep Erin alive in Silver Ashkeep Charlie alive in Ignition
  • keep Erin and Kate alive in Breathless
  • keep Jaime alive in Chase
  • keep Kate and Jaime alive in Director’s Suite
  • keep Charlie alive in Lighthouse
  • keep Erin alive in Blackout
  • keep Jaime alive in Homestead

Third Ending (Good):

In the third ending, you escaped the Island with your team on a boat. Where you just talk about the survival and director (Charlie) for series two. But suddenly the masked man attacks a teammate (Erin) with the axe on the boat. Save by pressing the Square button. She falls from the boat. Your dog will try to attack the Masked Man but he throws the dog in the water.

Next, he will attack Charlie but you can save by pressing the circle button. On which he will jump in the water. The Mask man next tries to attack Mark but Jamie attacks the Mask man with the gas cylinder. Next mask man will attack Jamie and she will fall down.

Option 1:

After that, you will have two options.

  1. Jump
  2.  Attack

Choose the option to jump. After that boat will hit the rock and then mark, Katie and the man will fall down. Grab the axe and attack the Mask Man by pressing the button. On the second attack, you will be hit by another boat and your axe will stuck in the corner of the boat. The mask will try to push your face toward the axe to kill you.

choose attack

Option 2:

When the masked man is attacking Mark. Katie will ask to choose between two options.

  1. Jump
  2. Attack

Choose the option to attack to save mark but he will block you and kick you. He will again try to kill you with the axe. Press X multiple times to do pepper spray on the Masked Man and then throw the chain on his neck. Then the chain will be stuck in the propeller. Which will push the Masked Man into the water. You will see next the boat is going to hit the cliff. Press X multiple times to jump from the boat. The boat will then hit the cliff and explode.

Choose attack option

Then you will come in front of the truck and he will stop. Then the police will arrive and the man will tell them the story of how they stopped him. Then the whole team talks to each other. The man will again appear and summarizes the whole thing. In the end, the Mask shown on the beach is grabbed by an unknown person.

good ending

This is how the Game ended in a Good way. We hope this guide will help you.

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