The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – How to save Kate and Jamie in Glass Trap

As The Devil in Me is a survival game where you have to save the members of the team trapped in a hotel. There you will have to face some traps where you let to choose between two members. There you have to choose to die one and save one. But some method leads you to save both.

In this guide, we will discuss how to save Kate and Jamie in Glass Trap.

How to Save Jamie:

Before the trap begins Jamie and Kate discuss who is going to keep the screwdriver. Here Kate should let her keep the screwdriver.

choose the confident option

After hugging each other you will see a block make a different path for Kate and Jamie which will lead them to a Glass Trap. In this situation, a glass wall is between Kate and Jamie which is movable. There is also a reverse button in the middle of the glass towards Jamie’s side. It quickly begins to move toward Jamie after they got into this trap. There you will do some talk and then you have to choose the options between apologetic and Defiant.

choose defiant option

Choose the defiant option. After that, a time bar will appear which will let you press the button just don’t press the button. The door will move towards Jamie and you will instantly see the screw blocks the wall and break it.

How to Save Save Kate:

In this situation, you have to choose to give the screw to Kate before you got into the trap.

choose nervous option

After that, you got into the Glass Trap. When you got into the trap Kate will ask you to pull back and uses her body force to break the wall but she can’t.  Jamie will ask she can’t let herself die in here. Then you will ask to choose between the options. After giving the screw to Kate don’t make the mistake of not pressing the button. By doing this, Jamie will die.

Choose the Apologetic option. And when the bar comes press the button. Which will make the mirror wall move toward Kate. She will scream she can’t die here like that. As the wall closes she will be saved by the screw. The glass will break and both will save.

Choose Apologetic option

This is how you can choose the option to save between both. We hope this guide will help you.