The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – Kate Island Shoreline Walkthrough

I will introduce you to a little bit. After taking the picture of the Island from the lighthouse you will see someone approaching you by the water lift. Then he will take you to the Island and ask you to head toward the hotel and tell you to stay close. He will ask you to take care and don’t worry about the luggage. That will make the person suspicious.

There Kate will ask to choose between two options. You have to select between one of them.

  • Annoyed
  • Playful

Choose the Playful Option (Try not to cough up a Lung, Charlie). You will ask Mr. Du’Met to take pictures but he won’t allow you to take his pics. Then you will shoot some intro in front of the building. Mr. Du’Met will lead you toward you the hotel. But the director told Kate to make some scene to get the info about this place. Because Mr. Du’Met is too restricted. Director told Jamie to stay with Kate.

The Shoe:

Then you will use the screwdriver to open the way to your left. Explore the area and examine the item (Stiletto Shoe) on the right side by pressing the Square button.


After reaching the gate you will see another item near the gate. Inspect the item by pressing Square Button. Then you will see a Board (Keep Out) in front of the gate. Inspect the board. Move forward by climbing the wall and leaning under the tree to pass through. Next, climb on the small roof and cross the tree by holding the stick and try not to fall.

Tree balancing

The Room:

Go inside the room and inspect the lift there. You need to climb the wall with the help of Jamie by pressing Square Button. Moving forward you will see Mr. Du’Met passing through that area. Quickly hide behind the fence by Holding L2 and letting them pass. Go forward by climbing the walls and reaching the room.

Picture collectible

The room door is locked so jump from the wooden block from the left side of the room. Inspect the rat near the stairs by pressing the Square Button. Enter the room by crouching and examine the Heart frame Picture on the table. Then examine the picture in the corner of the room.

The Fuzebox Puzzle:

Then examine the Birds Ashes near the second corner. Then get outside, jump and climb up on the train lift by pressing X. Move forward by jumping the broken structure. You need to start the lift. Reach the circuit and examine and then go inside the Generator room by the stairs. Pull the trigger by using R. But it won’t start to get out and ask Jamie to fix the Fuzebox.

I will write down the pattern to solve the circuit.      


I have mentioned the switch pattern-wise. Turn on those switches by these numbers.

  • First 1
  • Then 2
  • Then 4
  • Then 3
  • Then 5
  • Then 6
  • Then 7
  • Then 8
Fuzebox solution

The Heel:

The lift will come up. Climb the lift and cross. Immediately you will hear someone coming from the stairs. Hide behind the rock by pressing L2. Go to the storage place and inspect the box. Go outside to open the door but it will be locked. Now inspect the item (Stiletto Heel) near the bush.

Stilleto heel

Climb the wall with the help of Jamie and you will see Mr. Du’Met.

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