The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – Lake Michigan Walkthrough

Before the main story begins let me introduce the main characters that you are going to utilize while playing this game. This is basically a film crew working on an American Serial Killer Story.

  • Kate Wilder (Presenter)
  • Mark Nestor (Camera Man)
  • Jamie Tiergan (Lighting Technician)
  • Erin Keenan (Sound Engineer)
  • Charlie Lonnit (Director)

Court Room Scene:

A cinematic appearance in which a man asks the judge to give him severe punishment. Then Kate Appears and repeats the story of the Serial killer Herman Mudgett aka Henry H. Holmes. The man who kills Marie and Jeff in the Motel. All of the crew members are watching this video when the director’s phone rings and they are all invited by the person.

Mr. Du’Met tells them that he had all the resources of Henry Holmes. So they can visit his place which he through some of his relatives. They go to the lake area which they take by Limousine. On their way to the place, they ask to place their phones in the box of the car.

Serial killer

How to get to the Light House:

Director tells the crew members to take the footage of the lake from a higher point (Light House). From there you have to approach the lighthouse.

Light house

Reach the Wall and press X to climb the wall with Mark and Charlie. Follow the path and Hold L1 to Run. On the way, you will hear a loud sound and at the corner, you will see a warning board. Press Square Button to interact. Go left side of the board and follow the path until you reach the cliffs. There you will see an informative board. Interact with the board by pressing Square Button.

Warning sign

 Follow the cliff path until you reach a door. Interact with the door to open by pressing Square. It won’t open because it’s jammed and you will through the right side of the door. You will enter the cave there.

Locked door

Select the Lighter from Director’s Inventory and use the R to aim the light. The path is destructive and so you need to cross the path within the ledges of the cave. Press X and Use L to move. Get outside the cave by pressing Crouch X. You need to cross from a fallen tree. You need to be careful and keep the balance by using R and L. You can fall down if you misbalanced your character.

tree balancing

How to get inside the House:

Cross the path between two mountains by pressing X. Immediately you will be threatened by a mannequin. Jump the wall with the help of Charlie and then pull him upward. You will be reached the door but the door is closed. Go through the left side and then crawl through the rock by Using L.

Then open the door by pressing the Square button multiple times to push the door. There you will see a small box on the ground. You need to select the item from the inventory and open the box. Inside the box, you will see a coin that can be used to unlock the Dioramas.

abondoned house

Go inside the house by using the basket outside the door. You will suddenly hear someone comings. You need to hide here behind the table by pressing L2. Hold L2 until you won’t hear footsteps anymore. Go and explore the house until you see a blueprint on the wall. On which a cinematic will appear. A boat will be shown hitting the cliff. Then interact with the Crow on the table and get outside and take the picture of the Island.

Photo from light house