The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – Marie World’s Fair Motel Walkthrough

There are different chapters in The Devil in Me. Where you have to survive and progress in-game through different situations. You have to make many choices that will lead you toward different endings in-game. In this guide, we will discuss the Marie World’s Fair Motel story.

The story begins when a couple visits the hotel in Chicago after their marriage. No one was there to receive them at the reception and her husband complains. There you have to choose the option.

  • Excited
  • Say Nothing
  • Reassuring

Select the Excited option to proceed. Then a man appears and apologizes to them for not being there. Then the man asks them to sign on the registration paper.Β  Signs the paper by pressing the R2 button.

choose excited

Then the man talks about the hotel (All the stuff like construction, design, and material) and introduces himself as Henry Howard Holmes. Mr. Holmes then asks them to check the gifts on the pharmacy counter as they are their first honeymooners. Select the small red box on the counter by pressing the R button.

pick the small red box

Vip Room:

Then Marie will go to check the room but instead, they open the room. There you will find something hidden under the cloth. But when you try to unveil you will hear someone coming. Marie and her husband hide behind the wall. There you will show a breath bar (Heartbeats). You press the button when it comes on the heartbeat bar. The man is Mr. Holmes he comes inside and the heartbeat bar comes again. The button can also be changed. So be careful.

press buttons on time to hold breath

After the second bar, Mr. Holmes gets outside and will introduce you to the room. Then he will give you the key to the room. You will do some fun and throw the pillow at each other. Marie will give the option to throw the pillow at her husband. Use the R button to aim and press R2 to hit the pillow. After some time you will ask to do the same. Marie’s husband will surprise her with the Bracelet.

Then Marie tries to open the Bath door but she can’t. Then her husband will help her. Press the Square button to open the door. She will then prepare to take the bath. Then you will go to the Corner of the motel where from where you came up and open the door. But when you open the door the floors open but you jump to save yourself from the trap. Press X on time to save yourself. Then he will scream for Marie.

press trigger button on screen

Bath Trap Scene:

You will show Marie’s side.  Press the up button to select the item in the inventory. And then she will take the bath. While she is taking the bath. Marie hears someone coming inside she thought that her husband (Jeff) is playing sneaky games. There you will ask to choose between two options.

  • Investigate
  • Relax

Choose the Investigate option. But when she investigates she sees Mr. Holmes instead of Jeff. Mr. Holmes attacks her with the blade on her neck. Suddenly Jeff appears but he was shocked to see her wife and suddenly runs. He traps in the poisonous gas room and began to cough. You will see Marie try to go to Jeff but she died in the tub. You have to press X multiple times to reach your husband but if you can’t press it quickly enough you will die in the tub. In both cases, Marie and her husband will die.Β 

Marie's Death

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