The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil in Me – Mark’s Bedroom Walkthrough

This begins in Mark’s Bedroom when Kate enters your room. Kate talk about shooting some documentary scene and Charlie begins to clean his camera gear. Kate asks Mark about his job offer and why didn’t he take the risk. Here Mark has to choose the option.

  • Cynical
  • Earnest
  • Say Nothing

Choose the Cynical Option (Joke about the job). Mark jokes that he won’t let Kate alone with Charlie. There Kate will talk about lights (She want to look good in camera) and mark grab the camera. Here Mark has to choose the option.

  • Enthusiastic
  • Reassuring
  • Say Nothing
choose reassuring

Choose the Reassuring option (You look good in any light). Mark will talk about the relationship with Kate. Kate will question Mark why he let other members think she broke up with him. Mark said they just assumed it. Here you will have to choose the option.

  • Hesitant
  • Excited
  • Say Nothing
choose hesitant

Choose the Hesitant Option (Can I say something). You will talk about the relationship stuff but Kate says we agree not to discuss this stuff. Kate is just sorry and doesn’t want to remember the old stuff. Here you have to choose the options.

  • Serious
  • Supportive
  • Say Nothing
choose serious

Choose the Serious Option (The break up is harder than I thought). Mark says he can’t get over the breakup thing. Kate asks Mark to accept reality and find the light. You can use the camera to take the photo by pressing R2. Go outside the room Mark will see the open Kate room door. Mark wants to go inside by pressing Square Button but Kate Interrupts him.

The Book:

Go to the right side and use the stairs to reach the upper portion. You will see a room and inspect the room. And then open the door which leads toward you to the windows. Inspect the windows. You will someone walk outside. A bell will ring very loudly. Go to the left side of the library and inspect the item (Was he the Devil Book) on the table.


Then Mark will see a book on the shelf. Use the monopod press the R2 button and get the book. Inspect the book which is blank but a notice is attached to the book. Go and open the balcony door but it’s locked. Go outside and inspect the door behind the door you will see a key.

How to get the Key:

You need to find a way to get the key. Use the torch and search around. Go to the table and examine the item (Tape Recorder). Then a cinematic will play. In which someone talks to the special agent about (Henry Howard Holmes). Go to the upper floor of the library by the iron stairs. Push the table near the window by pressing the square button.

move the table

Use Circle Button to move the table to the wall and climb up. Get underneath the wooden structure. Go to the broken place and pull the big cupboard toward the wall. Use that to cross to the next stair. Pull the stair down by pressing the square button. Go down and pull the same cupboard to the next wall in between. Take the stairs and climb through the broken windows.

Go down and climb the next windows. From there you will reach the room where you see the key. Grab the key and go to the library by opening the door. Open the Balcony door by using the key. You will go outside and where Kate is seeing herself in a pocket mirror. You have to choose the option.

  • Insistent
  • Encouraging
  • Say Nothing
choose insistent

The Hat:

Choose the Insistent Option (Thought we were in a hurry). Mark will go further and find the Hat of Henry Howard Holmes. When you interact with the hat a statue will appear from the bottom and frightens Mark. Kate will worry for you but when she came the statue will attack you. You will both get frighten.


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