List Of The Forest Cheats For PC & PS4 Console Commands To Stay Alive

List of popular The Forest cheats and console commands to make your gameplay easier.

As the console commands allow you to change, add, and remove things without the use of mods. So, you can enhance your gameplay by using certain cheats & console commands.

Although, usage of cheats & console commands can disable your game achievements. However, the Forest console commands we think can help you through some tedious in-game grinds.

In this article, we’ve compiled a list of cheats & console commands that you can activate on PC and on PS4 as well if you plug in a USB keyboard.

How to Enable Developer Mode to Enter The Forest Cheats?

There are some codes that you can use in The Forest that will require the game to be put into developer mode before it can work. So, you need to follow the below instructions to make sure that the cheats & console commands that you enter, run in the game.

How To Enter The Forest Cheats
  • Go to Options > Gameplay > Allow Cheats (On)
  •  Main Menu > type [developermodeon] – this allows console commands.
  • Press F1 to open/close the console > type/enter console > hit Enter

The Forest Cheats List for PC & PS4

You can activate these cheats on PS4 and PC if you plug a USB keyboard into your console and enter them in the main menu. You won’t see any notification or confirmation nor do you have to press enter when you enter The Forest cheats. Below is the list of Forest cheats that you have to enter on your screen.

Here are the codes you can enter:

  • Ironforest: Buildings are indestructible.
  • Meatmode: Disables all cheats.
  • Rawmeatmode: Permanent death. You’re save file will be erased upon dying.
  • Regrowmode: 10% of fallen trees will regrow while you sleep (as long as the stump is still there).
  • Veganmode: Enemies will only appear in caves.
  • Vegetarianmode: Enemies will only appear at nighttime.
  • Woodpaste: Resets holes created by hole cutter and crane.

How to Use The Forest Cheats & Console Commands on a PC

For these console commands to work on your PC you need to type in developermodeon at the main menu screen. Some of these console commands could heavily affect your save file. So if you don’t want anything adverse to happen to gameplay or you feel comfortable heading onward. Then here’s how to activate console commands.

  • Press Z to toggle the console, and F1 to turn it on or off.
  • Press X or ~ to display the console log and status, and F2 or ~ to turn it on or off.
  • Press C to display stats, and F3 to turn it on or off.
  • Use the up and down arrow keys after pressing Z to cycle through previous commands.
  • Use the left and right arrow keys to make changes to commands.

After you’ve typed the command from the list below, press enters to activate it.

All Console Commands in The Forest

A list of the most popular console commands is given below. They are easy to use and straightforwardly used by players.

buildermode on/offon – Turns on build hack, turns on god mode, turns off survival mode, adds all items (not story items), and turns enemies off.
cavelight on/offIncreases the light while in a cave. Basically daylight inside the caves.
faststart on/offSkips the plane crash
godmode on/offNo damage, unlimited stamina, fullness, water, energy, etc. You cannot die
buildhack on/offAllows building like Creative Mode. Unlimited resources and building super fast
cancelallghostsREMOVES every blueprint that has been placed, it will be very loud if you have a lot!
buildallghostsBUILDS every blueprint that has been placed, it will be very loud if you have a lot!
addallitemsAdd all items except story items. Use twice to fill inventory storage bags such as stick bags etc
addallstoryitemsAdds all story items, such as keycards.
itemhack on/offNever run out of items, must have the item in the first place
survival on/offNo need to eat, drink, etc
saveSaves the game, no matter where you are in the world
speedyrun on/offFast run, Be careful not to kill yourself, you get a lot of air time. This can be buggy, if turned off you may not be able to run. Try crouching, sprinting, jumping, etc to reset it.
invisible on/offMakes it so you can walk/run underwater like it’s air, disables swimming effects water lighting texture effects, and washing off blood, paint & mud. (has no effect on rain it still washes you as normal)
killallenemiesKills all cannibals and mutants in the game, they will respawn though
enemies on/offTurns enemies on or off, cannibals and mutants
additem 77Adds a live rabbit to the player’s hand. Can be placed inside are rabbit cage.
additem [item id]Add item with item ID to inventory
spawnanimal [animal name]Spawn a specified animal in front of character, eg. rabbit
goto [location name/coordinates]Teleport to a specified location or coordinates
placebuiltobjects [object id] [quantity]Place a built object with the specified ID in front of you
setskill [skill] [value]Set your player skills
addclothingid [clothing id]Add specified clothing
killallanimalsKills all animals in the game
killclosestanimalKills the closest animal to your character
animals [on/off]Enable and disable animals
terrainrender on/offTurns on terrain
Turns off terrain, and can still be walked on
lightingtimeofdayoverride noonSets game lighting to noon until turned off
forcerain heavyChanges weather to heavy rain, useful for filling up water collectors
forcerain sunnyChanges weather to sunny, useful for stopping bad weather
cutdowntrees 1010 will cut down 10 trees, choose any number
cutdowntrees 100%100% will cut down all trees, choose any percentage
cutgrass 10Cut grass in a 10 radius around the player, and choose any number. Can take a long time to load if large sizes are selected.
pmactivestatelabels [on/off]Shows an NPCs current state, eg. sleep
setstat [stat] [value]Set your player stats
birds [on/off]Enable and disable birds
spawnitem [item id]Spawn item in front of you
removeitem [item id]Remove item from inventory
spawnanimalquietSpawns an animal in the closest animal trap
restallenemiesResets enemy AI
knockdownclosetenemyKnock down the closest enemy
killclosestenemyKill the closest enemy
spawnskinnedfamilySpawn 3-6 masked cannibals
spawnallpickupsSpawn all items that naturally spawn on the map
timescale [multiplayer]Slow down and speed up gameplay
energyhackWhen enabled, your character has unlimited energy and stamina
gotoenemyTeleports your character to a random enemy
showworldposfor [object id]Shows you where an object is

The Forest Console Commands For Devise Settings

devicedebuginformation [on/off]Show debug information on your device
helpList of all commands
clearClears the console
showgamestatsShows current game stats
achivementloglevel [log level]Sets the level of logging for your achievement log
saveSaves game
setdifficultymode [difficulty]Specify difficulty level from peaceful, normal, hard, and hard survival
setgamemode [game mode]Change game mode to standard, creative, and mod
loghack [on/off]Infinite logs
userigidbodyrotation [on/off]When enabled, smooths camera movement
gccollectCalls the garbage collector to free up unused memory the game is using
lodmanagerscalingToggles LOD manager FPS scaling
toggleocclusioncullingStops models from being rendered
togglesheenbillboards [on/off]Enables and disables Sheen Billboards
filteraudioClears audio path filter
dumplobbyinfoPrint multiplayer lobby information to your console log
physics30fps [on/off]Changes physics to 30 FPS
loadlevel [save number]Loads specified save
toggleplayerstatsShows player stats
toggleoverlayDisplays debug information at bottom of the screen
setdrawdistance [setting number]Set render distance
setshadowlevelSet the shadow level
clearsaveslot [mp/sp] [slot number]Clears a multiplayer or single player slot
clearallsettingsResets all game settings
resetstatsandachievementsResets all account stats and achievements