How To Fix Tower of Fantasy 2618 Error?

Error 2618 means that the server is crowded. We recommend trying a different server if you are receiving this error message.

Tower of Fantasy is a free MMORPG for PC and mobile devices. The game has similarities to Genshin Impact but most of the Mechanics for characters and their classes in Tower of Fantasy are really well. There are a ton of new updates coming for the game filled with new quests, combat, and exploring around the world of Tower of Fantasy.

As Tower of Fantasy is a popular game with millions of players. Technical and server issues can occur in the game. In most cases, the game would crash or start to lag. It can be a server issue that can cause lag and cause the game to crash.

Such an error is Error 2618, if you’ve been playing Tower of Fantasy since the launch, you would have experienced Error 2618.

What is Error 2618 in Tower of Fantasy

Error 2618 is an error message which you can get in Tower of Fantasy while joining the game. You will get Error 2618 and the game would crash. The Error informs that server has an issue. The selected server is full at the moment.

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How to Solve Error 2618 in Tower of Fantasy

Error 2618 is a server error and nothing serious. It’s a server-end issue that can be solved by waiting it out. Usually, this error message appears when a server is full.

You can follow the given steps in order to solve Error 2618.

  • First, exit the game after getting Error 2618.
  • Relaunch the game and log in to the server.
  • Try switching the server.
  • Try switching the region if you cannot log in to any server from your region.

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NOTE: Switching your region will have you high latency which can have lag while playing the Tower of Fantasy. It is advised for you change to a different server of the same region.

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