Tower of Fantasy: How To Unlock Hair Accessories

I have every character and still can't unlock accessories. Why?

So you have already completed several quests, shed blood, and enhance your level still you will find there are many Accessories that are locked in the Tower of Fantasy.

In the Tower of Fantasy, there are tons of other accessories for your characters that you can unlock after finishing the quests ad claim as a reward.

This short guide will explain how you can unlock Tower of Fantasy: Hair Accessories. We have also mentioned all the hair accessories you can get in this game.

Tower of Fantasy: How To Unlock Hair Accessories

So here’s an inside story if you can’t unlock Hair Accessories in the Tower of Fantasy then worry not. As these will eventually be unlocked to get via in-game Gachapons from the event.

These are possible rewards introduced in the game that you will get from certain chests.

List of All Tower of Fantasy Hair Accessories To Unlock

Here are all the hair accessories in the customization menu of the game.

  • Bunny ears
  • Green thin bunny ears
  • Angular Shades
  • Goggles
  • Headphone

Apart from hair accessories, the game also has normal accessories which you can use in the character customization menu. Here are the ones we saw in the menu.

  • Goggles
  • Printed headband
  • Pirate eye patch