UNDECEMBER Gold Farming Guide: Earn Up To 480K Gold & Gems

Earn gold in a couple of minutes.

Looking for a way to easily collect unlimited gold in the recently released title UNDECEMBER Hack n Slash game. Well, there are no gold cheats so the only way to earn more gold is to complete quests and complete 100% map.

Gold is required to level up runes and buy new gears but there is no place to find it in bulk except Spire of Barrier.

In this short article, we have given you a UNDECEMBER gold farming guide to earning more gold and gems.

How To Earn Gold in UNDECEMBER – Spire of Barrier

As mentioned there’s only one place called Spire of Barrier where you can earn gold and gems. You can play Spire of barrier with a party or play it alone without matching.

Undecember Spire of Barrier Guide
You can access Spire of Barrier when your character reaches level 20.

There you have Easy, Normal, Hard, and Choas Mode. With each difficulty level, you will get more gold and gems. At Spire of Barrier, you have to survive the waves of the monster.

For instance, if you are playing Easy Mode then you need to clear 20 waves, and in Chaos Mode clear 70 waves.

The number of gold you earn at each difficulty level after successful completion:

  1. Easy Mode 18000 Gold and 125 Gemstones
  2. Normal Mode 46000 and 250 Gemstones
  3. Hard Mode 160,000 Gold and 500 Gemstones
  4. Chaos Mode 480,000 Gold and 3,000 Gemstones
How To Farm Up To 480K Gold In Minutes in UNDECEMBER

Tips to Earn Mode Gold

  • Always squad up with players to complete monster waves.
  • When the match starts try to stay in the tower.
  • Take enhance buff
  • Don’t stay in the foggy area for too long or it will kill you.
  • You can play Barrier of the spire with the chosen difficulty for 24 hours.

Once the match is over go to the recruitment Board to get your reward. Remember you need this gold to level up runes so don’t waste it.