How to Unlock Cookie Clicker Secret/Shadow Achievements?

The secret/shadow achievements are also something that players who are trying to complete Cookie Clicker on Steam should be aware of. Players may struggle to complete these secret achievements without help because they cannot be viewed in the stats tab until they are finished. So far, Cookie Clicker has 16 shadow achievements, which are far more difficult to complete than ordinary achievements. Keep in mind that the shadow achievements for Cookie Clicker do not affect the Milk percentage of a playerΒ and are not visible until they are finished.

The shadow accomplishments in Cookie Clicker are significantly harder to achieve than other milestones since they are described as β€œeither unfair or difficult to attain.” This is made much more challenging by the odd requirements for some of Cookie Clicker’s shadow achievements. For instance, to get the True Neverclick shadow achievement, gamers must create one million cookies without ever clicking the enormous cookie. Players must practice considerable patience in order to get this Cookie Clicker achievement.

Cookie Clicker Shadow Achievements To Unlock

In Cookie Clicker, there are 16 shadow achievements that may be unlocked, and they differ in complexity and completion time. Each achievement that Cookie Clicker has may be unlocked using the information below:

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  • Four-leaf cookie: At the same time, have four golden cookies. “Pretty uncommon, given that cookies don’t even have leaves.”
  • Seven horseshoes: Select 27,777 golden cookies.
  • All-natural cane sugar: To gather a golden sugar lump.
  • Endless cycle: Make 1,000 ascents. “Oh hey, it’s you again.”
  • Cheated cookies taste awful: Hack in some cookies.
  • God complex: Put Orteil in your name. Please take note that usurpers suffer a -1% CPS penalty till they change their name. “But is it not you, then?”
  • Third-party: Use a compliment “Some people think vanilla is the most boring flavor.”
  • When the cookies ascend just right: Just one trillion cookies will be used for the ascent.
  • Speed baking I: Get to one million cookies baked in 35 minutes.
  • Speed baking II: Get to one million cookies baked in 25 minutes.
  • Speed baking III: Get to one million cookies baked in 15 minutes.
  • True Neverclick: Make one million cookies with no cookie clicks.
  • Just plain lucky: Every second, you have a one in 500,000 chance of achieving this goal.
  • Last Chance to See: Shatter the nearly extinct shining wrinkler. ‘You monster!’
  • So much to do so much to see: Maintain a legacy of cookies for at least a year.
  • Gaseous assets: Have your stock market earnings reach CpS ($31,536,000) for the entire year.

The self-explanatory nature of many of Cookie Clicker’s hidden shadow achievements makes others more difficult to understand. For instance, in order to unlock the achievement Cheated cookies taste bad users must utilize Steam’s debug mode hacks. Depending on the system being used, this can be done by accessing the game’s console and entering the code Game. cookies = Game.cookiesEarned + amount>;.

To see a simple example of how to add extra cookies to Cookie Clicker for this shadow achievement watch the Video

The Milk percentage of the player is not increased by completing these secret achievements in Cookie Clicker, but the prestige may be incentive enough for players to want to surpass them. There are probably a lot of Cookie Clicker’s shadow achievements that players will have unlocked by the time they reach the So much to do so much to see achievement.

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