Valheim Mistlands – Best Food and how to Craft Food

In Valheim you have to do fishing, fighting, and building as well. When you are exploring different areas you need to do these things which will require stamina and health. You can gain your health by crafting different kinds of dishes.

In this guide, we will discuss Good Food and how to craft Food in Valheim.

Best Fish Food:

Let’s talk about food and especially the top-tier food which you can access with the fishing. Β You need to turn all the tier-one fish in to raw fish. After that, you can cook them to turn them into cooked fish. This will give you 45 HP and as well 15 stamina. This is going to be the very nice food early mid-game food. If you want to make something a lot better out of it you need to focus on the fish reps. With just four barley flour and two cooked fish, you can make yourself a delicious snack. That will give you 70 HP and 23 stamina and it’s going to be very awesome for combat.

How to craft Fish Wraps:

You can also cook shrimp tempura which is also good food. Once you caught some angler fish in the mistland biome you can craft uncooked fish and bread. Then place them into the oven and this food will give you 30 HP but it will also give you 90 stamina for 10 minutes. If you want to focus on the stamina bar this is the best food for you. This will also make fishing and exploring a lot easier because these need a heavy amount of stamina.

fish wraps

How to craft Eyes Cream and Blood Pudding:

If you want to continue the fishing and make it easier for you to catch quality two and quality three fish you need to focus on ice cream. This one is pretty easy to craft you need to find Greydwarf eye and Freeze Gland dropped from Greydwarf, Greydwarf brute, and Greydwarf shaman. This will give you stamina.

blood pudding

If you want to craft Blood pudding you need Thistle which you can find in the Black Forest and Swamp Biomes, Blood Bag dropped by Leeches in the Swamp, and Barley flour which can be crafted by using Barley in the Windmill. Blood Pudding will give you 75 stamina slightly more difficult to make but still very manageable once you got some farms up and running.

How to craft Mushroom Omelette:

There is also a Mushroom Omelette dish that you can craft. You need to find eggs which you can get from the Haldor and it will cost you 1500 coins and you can also get eggs naturally from hens you need to make the hen farm and you have to feed them well. This dish will give you 85 stamina and 28 HP.

mushroom omelette

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