How To Fix Valheim Crashing When Loading The World (World Load Error)

Fix crashing errors.

Dealing with Valheim world load error while trying to load a new world or join a friend’s world? If you have recently updated Valheim then you might be seeing this strange mid-game crashing issue with the message known as World Load Error.

Most of the time it’s the outdated mod that doesn’t get updated with the games hence causing a crash when loading the world. Or you might have not properly uninstalled mods from the Valheim installation folder.

If you keep dealing with the Valheim crashing issues with the world load error then read this article. Here we have explained the best fixes to resolve this problem.

How to Fix Valheim Crashing on World Load

Apply the following fixes.

Uninstall Mods From Valheim Installation Folder

As already explained outdated mods can cause several issues. One of which is the mid-game or startup crashing. So you need to uninstall/delete mods completely.

Go to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Valheim in my case it’s C drive. Confirm that there are no additional files present there, other than these.

Delete Mods From Valheim Installation Folder

After deleting mods restart your PC and then play the game. If the problem persists then here are some additional fixes that can help you solve Valheim crashing.

Possible Solutions to the Valheim Crashing With World Load Error

Sometimes the game file gets corrupted so you need to verify the integrity of the game files via Steam. This process will scan the whole game folder and if a file missing will replace it with the right one.

The Valheim Crashing can also be caused due to insufficient RAM so you should Set Priority to High via Task Manager. You can also try running the game with administrator access and in a Window mode.

Also, make sure that you have updated graphics drivers on your PC. If you are using an Nvidia card, then install Studio graphic drivers (SD), and not Game Ready drivers (GRD). Be sure to select the correct card, OS, etc.

Last but not least close unnecessary background apps and disable antivirus software/ Windows Defender temporarily.