Valheim: How to craft and use Magic Guide

There are two types of magic in The Mistlands update. They are Blood Magic and Elemental Magic and each of them has a level. You can check the skill level at the bottom of the skill menu. You can also check in the magic menu which is the Blood one and which the elemental one is. The most common material in all of the magic is Eitr.

How to get started with the Magic:

The first thing that you need is Sap Extractor. Which requires Yggdrasil Wood, Black Metal Dvergr Extractor. You can get wood and metal from the Mistlands Easily. But you need to find the Dvergr Extractor which you can find from the NPC Dvergr Rouge. You can find them in the different camps in the Mistlands and when you find them you need to kill them. After that, you need to loot their area and you will get the extractor from the shining chest inside.

You will also get some other materials like soft tissue. After that, you need to find the big glowing Yggdrasil wood and place the extractor to get the sap. You also need to find the dungeons and the dungeons are full of enemies so you need to be fully geared up before exploring. You will find the black ores inside the dungeons which will unlock the Eitr Refinery and the Galdr Table all of which we need to use in the magical process.

Eitr Refinery

How to Craft Magic:

You need to add sap to the machine and also the Soft Tissue from the top of the machine which will create the Refined Eitr by combining both items. You can see the Eitr on the stone. It shoots small laser which can give you poison damage. After that, you get the refined Eitr you need to go to the Galdr Table. To craft the Table you need to find Yggdrasil Wood, Black Metal, Black Ore, Refined Eitr, and a Workbench. After crafting the Galdr table you can make a number of things. There is also a guide that you can check on how to craft these magic weapons.  

  • Feather Cape
  • Sealbreaker
  • Staff of Embers
  • Staff of Frost
  • Staff of Protection
  • Dead Raiser

How to build Eitr Essence:

In order to use these magical spells you need the Eitr Essence which you can get by eating foods that have Eitr essence.

Yggdrasil Porridge:

This requires Sap, Barley, and Royal Jelly to craft. You can get the Sap from the Sap extractor. You can get the Barkey from the Fuling Village in the plains Biome and you can also harvest them. You can get Royal Jell by killing the brutes. This dish will give you 80 Eitr.

yggdrasil porridge

There are some other dishes that you can craft.

  • Uncooked Magically Stuffed Shroom
  • Mead Base: Minor Eitr

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