Valheim: How to Craft Arbalest Crossbow and Spine Snap Bow

During the combat in Valheim you are required to use the different weapons. Some are short-range weapons and some are long-range. For short-range most of the time, we use swords and axe. For long-range and flying targets we need to craft crossbows to easily hit the target.

In this guide, we will discuss how to craft Arbalest and Spin Snap in Valheim.

How to Craft Arbalest:

This is the weapon that you need to craft earlier in the game. It also the new crossbow which is included in the update. It got pierce 200, knockback of 200, and the durability of 50. It requires Wood (10), Iron (8), and Root (4) to craft it. You can’t craft it until you get to the mistlands. Because this is a balancing weapon that you need to hold earlier in the game. But you need won’t get it until you craft the black forge. You can get the woods from the trees. Iron is dropped by the smelter by using scrap iron and coal. At last, you need roots which you can get from the Abomination in the swamp.


There are also the bolts that you need to craft which you can do according to your needs.

  • Iron Bolts
  • Bone Bolts
  • Black Metal Bolts
  • Carapace Bolt
bone bolts

Once it loaded you are good to go. There is no aim in this you just place the crosshair and shoot. It will pull you back even if you unload a shot. So need to make sure you got a good footing. You also can’t reload while running. Overall this is a good weapon to have.

How to Craft Spine Snap:

Then you got a Spine Snap which will require Fine Wood (10), Bone Fragments (40), and Refined Eitr (10). It Pierce 72, block armor is 3, the durability of 100, and the knockback of 25. If you want to upgrade you just need 5 fine wood and 20 Bone Fragments. It also works with all the different arrows. You can get the wood from the trees and you can find bone fragments easily in the mistlands. At last, you can get Eitr from the Eitr refinery. It glows red and it has a much quicker drawing shot. Actually the best-looking weapon in this prize. You need to have good skills to utilize it.     

spine snap

This is how you can craft Arbalest and Spine Snap Bow. I hope this guide will help you.

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