Valheim: How to Craft Demolisher and Himmin Afl

In Valheim you have to explore many areas around the map. Where you have to face many situations like gathering materials, building, and crafting. You also have to fight enemies which require Weapons. So you need to gather the required materials and craft them. You can also upgrade them and they will also help you a lot during combat.

In this guide, we will discuss how to craft and upgrade Demolisher and Himmin Afl in Valheim.

How to Craft Demolisher Valheim

Demolisher is the hammer which is the new weapon in the game. Which have a durability of 100, Blunt of 145, Block force of 50, and Knockback of 210. One hit of Demolisher consumes 28 stamina.

This requires Yggdrasil Wood (10), Iron (20), and Refined Eitr (10).

You can get the wood from the Yggdrasil tree. Iron is dropped by the smelter by using scrap iron and coal. Eitr can be fined by the Eitr Refinery.

To upgrade this weapon you need 2 Yggdrasil wood, 15 Iron, and 2 Refined Eitr. The upgrade will get a six increase in blunt a blocking force of 10. This is a beast of weapons and pretty powerful. This weapon can destroy certain things in one hit but it won’t work that well against the Seeker Soldier. Because the soldiers are hard to stun even with the new Edgar. So this is of good use against ticks, leeches, and small creatures.

How to Craft Demolisher Valheim

How to Craft Himmin Afl in Valheim

This is the last new weapon that comes in the update. This is basically a spear-type weapon with two sharp heads.

It has a durability of 175, Pierce of 85, lightning of 40, and Block Armor of 64.

This weapon requires Yggdrasil Wood (10), Refined Eitr (15), Silver (5), and Mandible (2). This also requires 20 stamina to do one hit.

You can find wood from the Yggdrasil tree, Eitr from Eitr Refinery, You can craft silver from the silver ore from the smelter. Mandible will only drop from the soldier. To upgrade this weapon you need 15 Refined Eitr, 5 Silver, and 2 Mandible. Upgrading this weapon gives you extra six lightning damage. It can stun most of the creatures other than the soldier or brutes and is pretty effective in dealing damage. It can give a pretty amount of damage in one hit. Upon hitting three times it can give an output damage of 180. Β 

How to Craft Himmin Afl in Valheim

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