Valheim: How to Craft Magic Weapons

Apart from weapons you also have magic that you can summon. Craft and use them which will help you a lot in exploring and fighting against enemies. 

In this guide, we will discuss how to craft Magic Weapons in Valheim.

How to craft Dead Raiser:

Valheim also introduces new Staves. Let’s talk about Dead Raiser this is a magic weapon. This magic weapon requires Yggdrasil Wood (20), Bone Fragments (10), Refined Eitr (15), and Rancid Remains Trophy. You can get the wood from the Yggdrasil tree. Bone Fragments can be found in the mistalnds dropped by skeletons and rancid remains. You can get Eeitr from the Eitr Refinery. Rancid Remains Trophy can be dropped from the Poison Skeleton.

It has a durability of 200, and a Block Armor of 48. Use 100 of Eitr and 40 HP. To upgrade this you need another 10 Yggdrasil Wood Bone, 4 Fragments, and 2 Refined Eitr. This weapon uses to summon the friendly Skeleton and if you upgrade you can summon at least two Skeletons. You have to be in close distance with them to give them some extra health. They will follow you wherever you go. The longer your skill the bigger your blood magic skill. They will not stay forever.

dead raiserr

How to craft Staff of Embers:

This weapon has a durability of 200, blunt of 120, fire of 120, and knockback of 100. This requires Yggdrasil Wood (20), Surtling Core (4), and Refined Eitr (15). I have talked about other materials you just need to find the Surtling Core which you can find in the Burial Chambers dropped by surtling. To upgrade this you need extra 20 wood, 4 Surtling Core, and 4 Refined Eitr. It will increase your firepower and Block force by six and five points. This weapons throw fires which can be pretty effective in terms of damage.

staff of embers

How to craft Staff of Frost:

This requires the same materials to build except for the freeze gland that you need to find. You have to find 4 Freeze Glands which are dropped by the Drake. This weapon throw snow which is the best against the soldiers. They give a little bit more damage than the fire.

How to craft Staff of Protection:

Then we have a staff of protection which requires Wood (20), Refined Eitr (15), and Blood Clot (5). You can find blood clots from the seekers. This has a durability of 200, Block armor of 48 and parry bonus of 20x. It uses 60 Eitr and 40 HP. This creates a protection circle around your body which will block enemy attacks.

staff of protection

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