Valheim: How to craft Mistwalker Sword and Jotun Bane

You will have to craft many weapons in Valheim as they are the need in the game. Helps you to progress in the game.

In this guide, we will discuss How to craft Mistwalker Sword and Jotun Bane in Valheim.

How to craft Mistwalker Sword:

Mistwalker is a sword that you need to craft. It requires Fine Wood (3), Iron (15), Refined Eitr (10), and Wisp (3). You can get the wood easily from the trees. Iron is dropped by the smelter by using scrap iron and coal. You can get Ritr from the refinery. But for wisp, you need to build a wisp fountain using Yagluth Drops. This is the basic gear you should not go to mistlands without crafting it.

Wisp Fountain only refills at night but you should be able to grab a couple or at least three wisps. This weapon does the slash and frost on its own but soon as you upgrade it to level 2 you gain 5 spirits. It will increase 1 frost damage and 5 block force will increase.

mistwalker sword

 This means it becomes a more versatile weapon to use in different biomes especially. It has a durability of 200, Block armor of 48, Frost of 40, and a slash of 75. While having 200 durability it will give damage in between 45 and 52 on the first two hits. Of course, it helps you to get rid of the Mist. You will see the mist Dissipate before you rise. It’s also a good use against some of the seekers. This sword also glows this will help you at night.    


How to Craft Jotun Bane:

Jotun Bane is an axe obviously it’s a new weapon that also comes with the update. This is a one handed axe that has the durability of 175, the slash of 80, the poison of 40, and the knockback of 60. It requires Yggdrasil wood (5), Iron (5), BileBag (3), and Refined Eitr (10). You will get the wood from the Yggdrasil wood. Iron is dropped by the smelter by using scrap iron and coal. You will be able to get BileBag by hunting the new flying worm which will throw poison bombs at you.

At last, you need Eitr which you will get from the Eitr Refinery. If you want to upgrade you will need additional 10 iron, 1 Bilebag, and 1 Refined Eitr. This upgrade will give you an additional 5 slash and 5 block force. Unlike the Mistwalker this won’t dissipate any of the Mists. But this has a poisonous glow and it’s the new weapon.Β  Β 

jotun bane

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