Valheim Mistlands – How to do Advance Fishing

Valheim allows players to visit and explore vast areas. Where you have to tackle different situations. You have to do crafting, constructing, Hunting, and fighting. These all requires stamina and HP for that you need to craft food and keep your health and stamina full. So it won’t disturb your exploration. You need to hunt different animals. Here comes the fishing that you need to do which will be also on basic and advanced levels. Fish is used to make normal and high-tier dishes.

In this guide, we will discuss how to do Advance fishing and become a Master Angler in Valheim.

Advance Fishing:

The further you progress with the biomes and the higher quality fish you will find that it will become more difficult and challenging to reel the fish. First, you need to get enough resources to make a campfire and portal. Because it will help you to get back to your base quickly and get some new lure store fish but also help you to gain the rested bonus. It will give you 100 stamina which is going to make it so much easier to consistently and quickly catch fish. As I have described in another guide where you can find the fish and lure. Sometimes fish will attract to different lures but they will most likely not bite on the lure of a previous biome.


Some people like to fish on the boat and some people on the coast. While fishing you can actually right-click to make the length of the line a little bit shorter and hold it to reel the fish faster. If you spot a small fish it is usually a quality one fish and it’s pretty easy to reel even from a longer distance. While for higher quality fish need to keep the line pretty close to you like 10 meters. Because the high-quality fish will burn your stamina very quickly when you reel them.

High Ground:

While fishing you need to have a hoe and a nice amount of rocks so you can raise the ground and prevent the waves from constantly interrupting your fishing. Especially in rainy and windy weather, it’s very nice to have a higher level with a fishing platform and raise ground. This will help you when you are wet and also help you to get the higher-quality fish.

high ground

Fishing in Multiplayer:

You can also do fishing in multiplayer so it’s better to have someone while you are fishing. Because your friend can help you get the high-quality fish off from the hook. When you catch the fish ask your friend to get the fish from the hook because sometimes the fish escapes. So it’s better to be safe to get help.

fishing with friends

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