Valheim Mistlands – How to do Fishing

Valheim is a survival game in which you have to do multiple things to survive. You have to craft the items like food, weapons, wood, and many more. You can expand the world in Valheim by making structures at different locations. Fishing is also an important part of Valheim. It’s very entertaining because you have to do many things in fishing like getting the fish rod using the fish bait and hunting for the fish at different places.

In this guide, we will discuss how to do fishing in Valheim.

How to get Fishing Equipment:

To do fishing first of all you need a fishing rod and some bait. These can be purchased from Haldor. Haldor is a trader in the black forest. You need to locate him and when you locate him your fishing adventure will begin. Haldor sells only basic fishing baits.


How to catch your first fish:

First, you need to search for a nice school of fish where you can catch them. Sometimes this will some time but you can search along the coastline. This is the place where you can find them easily. Now you need to eat the stamina food as much as possible. You need to eat all type of types of food that have a lot of stamina. You need to have this food because your stamina bar will decrease quickly. Fishing needs a lot of stamina. For basic fish, you don’t need much stamina but for high-level fish you need stamina. You can have Cloudberries, yellow mushrooms, and bread.

Fishing at river coastline

Now you need to equip the bait and then press and hold your left mouse button and then release it to cast it. The more you hold the longer you will cast. Leave the bait out there and wait for the fish to bite. When you will a little flash popped press and hold the right mouse button to reel in the fish and when you reel it all the way to the coast. It will appear in your inventory. You can catch fish of different qualities.

Qualities of Fish:

There are many fish qualities that you can catch depending on the bait and luck. If you visit the cauldron you can turn the fish into raw fish which is a great ingredient for cooking. The quality one fish give you one raw fish and the quality two fish gives you four raw fish. And if you caught Quality 3 fish it will give you some raw fish.

Raw fish

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