Valheim Mistlands: How to Farm the Sap

In Valheim you have to craft the Magic for that you need to get the material requires to craft. The most important materials are Black Core and Sap which is the most common among all of the magic.

In this guide, we will discuss how to Farm the Sap in Valheim Mistlands.

How to Craft the Sap Extractor:

In order to get the Sap the first thing you need to do is to craft the Sap Extractor. It requires Yggdrasil Wood (10), Black Metal (5), Dvergr Extractor, and a Workbench. You will get the wood from the Yggdrasil tree. You can craft black metal in the blast furnace by using black metal scrap and coal. You can also get the Black metal from the planes biome where you have to kill the Fuling Berserkers.

craft sap extractor

The most important thing that you need to find is Dvergr Extractor. You will be able to get this after killing the Dvergr Rouge NPC. You will find these NPCs in different areas where they are protecting the building.

Actually, you will be able to get the Dvergr Extractor from the Dvergr Component Crate which you will find inside the building. Defeat them and get the Dvergr Extractor from the crate. You can also get into ghost mode if you don’t want to get involved in the fight.Β 

sap extractor

How to Extract the Sap:

After getting all the materials that you need to craft. You need to find The Ancient Root is Pulsating with Energy. You can find this in the Mistlands Biome. First, you need to build the workbench there to make the Sap Extractor. Then place the sap extractor and all you have to do is just wait. You will also see no enemies will attack near the sap extractor so you don’t need to worry about the enemies.

farmin sap

When the sap is extracted it will begin to glow and you can collect the sap. A single sap extractor can extract 10 Sap at a time. You don’t need to worry because you can place multiple Sap extractors there. Just place them with some distance between them. If you can’t wait for the sap to extract just place a mark on the location of the Sap Extractor and come back to collect the sap.

One thing to note is that you can place a sap extractor anywhere in the game but it won’t extract the sap until you place it on the magical wood. You will also after extracting the sap the wood won’t glow but don’t worry it will glow again after some time.

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