Valheim Mistlands – How to get the Black Cores and Royal Jelly

In Valheim you will explore different areas where you have to fight with the enemies and look out for the loot. Mines are the areas where you can find rare loot and you will face different kinds of enemies there. You have to defeat them in order to get the loot.

In this guide, we will discuss how to get the Black Cores and Royal Jelly from Infested Mines in Valheim.

Infested Mines are the most dangerous area in Valheim. Because you have to tackle all kinds of enemies there. You can’t survive here unless you have the best gear in terms of food, stamina, and weapons. You will face plenty of ticks, new seekers, and also the seeker’s soldiers.

How to get the Black Cores:

Head inside the mine through the stairs. There are a lot of enemies inside you might be lucky if you fight two or three seekers at a time. You need to be careful while aiming because there are a lot of egg sacks that unleash the smaller seekers. These will unleash the flying ticks which you can knock them easily with the lightning spear. Seekers soldiers are the hard ones to kill so it’s better to use the magic like the staff of embers and the staff of frost. You will get the seeker meat and also the mandible.

You will get the ores from the chambers and there are also some secret doors where you will get the black cores. You will get the chest as well from them you will get the gold coins. Clear the one chamber first and then move to the next one because you can’t survive the attacks of so many enemies at the same time. Getting Black Cores will unlock the Eitr Refinery.

black core

How to get the Royal Jelly:

You will also encounter ticks that will suck your blood. Keep the distance from them and use the magic from the distance. After killing them they will drop the blood clots. You will see these yellow mounds make sure to attack which will turn them into parts.

These are the Royal Jelly that you need to pick up. You will also see these small eggs make sure to use the staff of embers to destroy them. Upon a second hit, it will expose small insect enemies. Make sure to kill them. This is absolutely crazy how many enemies you will find in here.

Royal jelly

You can also to the bottom of the infested mines where you will have to kill more enemies to get the loot.

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