How To Fix Valorant Connection Error Please Relaunch The Client To Reconnect.

Users are getting the annoying notification “VALORANT has encountered a connection error. Please relaunch the client to reconnect”. Players reported that Valorant, Riot Games’ popular online shooter, has been experiencing significant connection issues.

This error generally occurs due to common connection issues which include issues with the game server, issues with your internet connection, or issues with your Firewall. However, there are also other causes i.e. random valorant client bug and Vanguard glitch that trigger Valorant connection error.

Here are some fixes that you can apply to fix valorant connection errors easily and quickly.

How To Fix Valorant Connection Error Please Relaunch The Client To Reconnect.

f it’s not the global server’s fault there’s there are a handful of solutions that you can try when you are unable to connect to Valorant.

Fix 1. Check Valorant Server Status

Before you start checking your internet connection, and router, or update your graphics drivers, you should certainly check the status of the Valorant Server. Searching through Twitter to get hold of the latest news about Valorant is going to take up time so here’s an easy way.

Either visit the official Riot Games website or go check out sites like Downetector. This site keeps tabs on the various game server and their status report. If the VALORANT graph is sharply increasing near the end, there’s likely a server-side issue.

Check Valorant Server Status

You can also check the @PlayVALORANT and @RiotSupport Twitter accounts for further updates relating to Valorant.

Fix 2. Restart Valorant client

If there are no server issues, then the cause of the problem is likely found within the game or in your network. So you need to refresh the game client. Simply close the game and launch Valorant again to check for the problem.

Fix 3. Restart your router

The fix Valorant connection error you need to refresh your router. Your router may become unresponsive if it’s left running for a long time. So you need to restart your router and the computer to fix the connection error in Valorant.

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Fix 4. Re-install Riot’s anti-cheat app

If Valorant connection error problems persist, it might be an issue with the anti-cheat program Vanguard, which you can then try re-installing. Here’s how you can delete and install Riot’s Anti-cheat app:

  • Press the Windows key on your keyboard, or select the Start button on the taskbar.
  • Type in the words “add or remove” and select Add or remove programs.
  • In the Apps & features menu, search for Riot Vanguard.
  • Click on the Riot Vanguard icon and click Uninstall
  • Confirm the uninstallation

Now restart Valorant. The Riot Vanguard installation will appear for a moment, and then the game starts without the dreaded connection error message.

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If you encounter the “Vanguard Not Initialized” message, since the Vanguard software has just been re-installed. It’s perfectly fine, just confirm the system reboot and start Valorant once again.

Fix 5. Reinstall Valorant

If the above fixes do not work then you need to delete and reinstall valorant. This will help mitigate the problem that occurs due to corrupted game data.